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About DeFi Basket

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About DeFi Basket

DeFi Basket is about making DeFi accessible to everyone. We understand that DeFi is a major financial revolution, which is in its infancy and will enable more transparency and better returns. Unfortunately, DeFi is still quite hard to use. Our reason to exist is to abstract away the complexities beneath a complex ecosystem, ultimately allowing everyone to access some of the best products and financial returns in the world in terms of finance. The company was founded by two technical founders with a passion for innovation and a desire for simplicity. We currently have 4 people on the team and are expanding to at most 7, so you will have great responsibility and a great impact in building a company from scratch in a cutting-edge technology ecosystem.

What You’ll Do

This is a broad role, and its main responsibility will be to bring and engage users into DeFi Basket in a thoughtful, systematic and scalable way. The ideal candidate is an individual who is well versed in getting projects started and bringing traction into them. We highly appreciate experience in any of the following: producing content, social media, and community management.

On a day-to-day basis you will be expected to:

  • Produce educational and marketing content (Twitter / Discord / Medium / YouTube)
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders (crypto influencers, DeFi Basket community members…)
  • Develop/maintain collaboration with other crypto communities (find collaboration opportunities between products)
  • Strategize and execute growth experiments
  • Turn successful growth experiments into processes and routines (set up Zapier automations, Discord bots…)
  • Monitor and extract actionable insights from analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Dune Analytics
  • Manage DeFi Basket’s communities and social media

This position is 100% remote with flexible hours.

What we are looking for:

  • Strong English communication skills (written and spoken)
  • Problem Solving Skills (ability to break down complex problems and apply analytical thinking with detailed execution)
  • Ability to produce high quality written, video and audio content
  • Ability to wear multiple hats and keep a few different initiatives running in parallel
  • Deeply interested in tech and curious about DeFi ### ### What would delight us:
  • Active in crypto communities on Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Telegram
  • Has a strong web presence and a relevant audience
  • Owns crypto and has used DeFi protocols (here's a helping hand) ### ### Why this is a great opportunity:
  • Cutting edge - you will be working with DeFi, which has the potential to deeply disrupt financial systems
  • Meaningful work - you will be helping to shape up and build a product that would not exist otherwise and which can end up having a significant impact on how the DeFi ecosystem and on how people manage their investments
  • Build a company from the start - you will be part of the founding team and will have great exposure to many different areas and problems ### ### Compensation Total compensation is within the range of 40-51k USD per year. Cash being 30-36k USD and equity 10-15k USD.
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