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Ledger, Okcoin and Giveth hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 28 Oct, 2022 • 6 minutes read ✨ •

Happy Saturday,

This week was fun, I participated in Zerion's Twitter space alongside the founder of Mazury, and Operation3.

We discussed how to break into web3, and how ramping up your skills and knowledge will become increasingly valuable if you want to stand out in the job market. The first step is to gain clarity and identify which type of web3 companies matches best with your skills and interests.


My second piece of advice was to avoid getting too scattered. While you can contribute to almost any project in web3, and show “proof of work”, pick one or two DAOs, communities, or projects that make more sense to your skills and interests. A few examples:

  • You’re a data analyst and want to find a job in web3, then apply to become a wizard and create dashboards for Dune Analytics;
  • If you’re passionate about music, you could start collecting music on Pianity;
  • If you want to become a content manager, you could write your first article on Mirror.

Okay, let’s dive in with this week’s top jobs!

Weekly Jobs

Featured Jobs 🌟

  • Product Marketing Manager - Cards at Ledger (London) - To expand our visibility and ensure the success of our products, we are looking for a Product Marketing Manager focusing on the crypto debit card and services that will be developed in 2022.

Latest Jobs

  • Product Manager at Golden - we’re looking for a Product Manager to help us build a new decentralized protocol. You will work closely with stakeholders to define and drive product strategy, vision, and roadmap.

  • Communications Lead at Enjin - In our small but growing team, there's a need for zoomed-out, 360-degree strategic planning, as well as the day-to-day work of publishing on our various channels, while staying on top of messaging at a fast-moving company with various upcoming products and announcements.

  • Social Media Manager at Okcoin - You'll report to Okcoin's Social Lead and own audience growth on social media. Increasing our presence across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Director of Content Design at Okcoin - This is an exciting opportunity to drive a clear vision for how we connect with customers, improve user experiences, and make crypto accessible to all.

  • Senior Product Designer (Contract) at Blockstream - As a designer at Blockstream, you’ll create product experiences that form the foundations for the financial infrastructure of the future. You’ll work with various stakeholders across functions, influence decision-making, and have an impact at all stages of product development.

View more jobs 🪐

Work in web3 📚

Five types of companies you can work for in web3 - 13 minutes read ✨

Ramping up your skills and knowledge will become increasingly important and valuable if you want to stand out in the job market. Gain clarity on the web3 ecosystem, and join a company that best matches your skills and interests.

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That’s a wrap for today!

Have an excellent weekend and see you again next week!

Mathilde, founder at Woody3

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