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Mirror, DeSo & The Sandbox hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 26 Aug, 2022 • 7 minutes read ✨ •

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I hope you enjoyed your week. If you’re on holidays - stop scrolling your emails and go back to resting 😉.

If you’re on your job search, I spotted pretty cool opportunities for you at DeSo, the Sandbox, and Mirror. I also learned more about “The Merge”, and how Web3 companies like Solana or Opensea had different go-to-market strategies.

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You and me exploring Web3!

Weekly Spotlight | Web3 Companies

💠 DeSo ~ You may notice that crypto has disrupted finance, but not yet social media or marketplaces. DeFi apps are "finite state" meaning they have very light storage. In contrast, social apps require much more storage (every post, follow, or like generate new data). DeSo is the only blockchain on the market capable of powering “infinite state” applications, such as Diamond, Entre or DAODAO. Founded by Nader in early 2019, DeSo’s mission is to decentralize social media the same way Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralizing the financial system. And they’re a small team of ~15 people total working on it!

🪞 Mirror ~ Mirror is regarded as the Medium of Web3. You can earn money as a writer by turning your publication into an NFT, crowdfunding ideas, embedding your own NFTs & more. Mirror also embraces web3 native marketing like wallet subscriptions, and co-authorship features to support DAOs. What I love about the team is how swiftly (and smoothly) the value proposition is evolving. Created by Denis Nazarov in 2020, the 35-person team is remote-first and hiring a design lead to join the adventure!

🕹️ The Sandbox ~ Much bigger company, The Sandbox is at the forefront of metaverse gaming. Founded by Arthur Madrid and Sébastien Borget in 2011, the project started with two smash mobile hits which combined 40 million downloads across iOS and Android. They saw the potential of NFTs to bring true ownership to gamers (disrupting Minecraft and Roblox for instance). The Sandbox evolved into a blockchain-gaming platform that allows you to create NFTs, trade them and build your own 3D game… for free. The team now counts +200 members and hiring plenty more.

Weekly Batch | Non-tech roles in Web3

Latest Jobs

  • Lead Artist at Sandbox (Onsite, Full-time, C-level/ VP (10y+) - Lead and motivate a team of talented 3D Artists in delivering immersive worlds and AAA quality assets.

  • Senior Product Owner - DAO at Sandbox (Hybrid, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - You will be leading the DAO Squad in close collaboration with the Tech Lead. The DAO Squad is committed to introducing the features and structure of decentralized governance by and for all Sandbox users.

  • Marketing Research Assistant at OKX (Onsite, Full-time, Entry-level (0 to 2y) - Working closely with the CMO, tracking the trends and hotspots in CeFi/ DeFi/ NFT/ Dapp /Web3 industry. Understanding the business priorities and identifying the potential opportunity.

  • Partnerships Manager - Web3 Gaming at Offchain Labs (Fully Remote, Full-time, Mid-level (2 to 5y) - Working directly with the Chief Strategy Officer to identify, have discussions with start-up founders and ensure teams are successful within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  • Communications and Content Creator at Fuel Labs (Fully Remote, Full-time, Mid-level (2 to 5y) - You will execute strategic communications for the organization as well as high-priority global partners and entities. You will be a critical member of the team, working closely with the founders and senior team.

  • Design Lead at Mirror (Fully Remote, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - We are a small, passionate team that aspire to build products that are beautiful and intuitive, without compromising on user sovereignty or decentralization. Join us to lead our team through the entire design process from conception to launch.

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Weekly Musings | Work in Web3 📚

  • Many Web3 companies are starting out, the space being so new, and still figuring out their go-to-market. Maggie Hsu wrote an insightful piece about it and contrasted two GTM strategies: decentralized teams with tokens like Solana or Uniswap vs centralized teams with no tokens like Coinbase or Opensea. To me, it can also be an eye-opener to know which kind of team you want to be a part of.

  • Big tech is losing top talent to blockchain companies, and that’s one of the reasons why:

  • Did you hear about the Merge? I finally grasped the whole thing with this article.

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