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Humankind, Paragraph and Sorare hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 22 Oct, 2022 • 6 minutes read ✨ •

GM ☀️

I think I found the cutest web3 project so far, and it’s called Humankind 🖤

I personally always enjoyed Pablo Stanley’s work (the founder). He created comics called the Design Team, worked at Lyft, Invison, and co-founded Blush - so yes quite a track record.

He is the perfect example of an artist jumping into web3, and making the most of it. He created Humankind, a fund to help artists follow the same journey, and Bueno, a toolkit for NFT creators who don’t code.

I’d love to know, did you try and launch your own NFT collection? 😊

Okay, let’s dive in with this week’s top jobs!

Weekly Jobs

Featured Jobs 🌟

  • Brand Designer at Pinata - Pinata is looking for a brand designer to join our team! You will create designs for our website and digital marketing efforts, and creatives for traditional mediums. You will report to the Marketing team and receive guidance from the Creative Director. You should feel comfortable presenting creative concepts and ideas to both the Marketing team and the Business team.

  • Senior Product Designer (Lead) at Uniswap Labs - We’re looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated designer to help us build the next generation of financial products. You’ll be joining a small but close-knit product team known for developing category-defining UX. As a Senior Product Designer at Uniswap Labs, you’ll solve cutting-edge human-computer or mobile interface problems as well as develop new mental models for the next million users of decentralized finance.

Latest Jobs

  • Marketing Lead at Humankind - As Marketing Lead, you will be responsible for communicating the Humankind story, building marketing initiatives, and launching campaigns through different mediums to develop our brand and connect with our community.

  • Senior Product Designer at Bueno - We're a small team creating no-code tools for artists and producers in the web3 space. If you're someone who also wants to get their hands in different parts of the product, including brand and marketing, then this role is perfect for you! Your work would be about evolving how Bueno delivers a consistent and delightful experience throughout the entire user journey.

  • Head of Partnerships & Growth at Paragraph - is a web3-native publishing & newsletter platform that provides creators with new and innovative ways of building communities, connecting with their audience, and monetizing their content. We're looking for our first non-engineering hire to work directly alongside our founder, Colin.

  • Communications Lead, US at Sorare - As a Communications Manager, you will play a crucial role in building the Sorare brand and defining its message. Working with our management team to deliver a diverse range of communications and marketing activities including media relationships, network building and events participation.

  • Head of Design at Meld - We're looking for a Head of Design with strong interactive skills and experience to join the product development team at MELD. We build mobile apps using blockchain technology. The products are highly interactive and have beautiful UX products for everyday use.

  • Lead Product Designer, Brand & Growth at Magic - You will contribute to our future by helping make Magic a global tech brand across every product touchpoint, from brand voice and websites to events, web and digital products, and even printed products. As a member of our design team, you'll be one of the architects of our mission and help make Web3 accessible for the next billion users.

  • Head of Marketing at NFTPort - As a Head of Marketing, you will be responsible for running the marketing org by shaping a winning strategy, building and leading the team, and making sure our product reaches core audience. You will work directly with the CEO, Johannes.

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That’s a wrap for today!

Have an excellent weekend and see you again next week!

Mathilde, founder at Woody3

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