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Uniswap, Utopia Labs & The Graph hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 8 Apr, 2022 • 6 minutes read ✨ •

Hello friends,

I’m so glad to launch this newsletter finally. It’s Friday afternoon over here, I’m having a nice cup of tea and taking it a bit slow today. However, the Web3 world is never taking it slow. If you’re on the lookout for your next creative role, I’m happy to share this week’s batch, as well as new Web3 companies I discovered 🪐

Weekly Batch - Creative Jobs in Web3

👋 Featured Jobs

  • Senior PM at Berty Tech 🦜 (Remote France, Full-time, 5y+) - They are looking for a courageous Product Manager familiar with the Web 3 world and who can take the helm of Berty Messenger, to make it a reference communication tool in terms of privacy and resiliency to censorship. If this speaks to you, read on 👇

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🏜️ Latest Jobs

  • Product Designer at Utopia Labs (Remote, Full-time, 2y+) - As a product designer at Utopia Labs, you will help craft our design vision and our product experience.

  • Community Lead at Utopia Labs (Remote, Full-time, 2-5y) - As the Community Lead at Utopia, you would be a jack of all trades helping us navigate our operations and customer relationships, and strengthen our community ties.

  • Sr. Product Manager at SuperRare Labs (Remote US, Full-time, 5y+) - Product challenges range from web/mobile/tactile display interfaces to token network design, community engagement/governance, and smart-contract/crypto-network innovation down to the core protocol.

  • Senior Product Designer at Uniswap (New York, Full-time, 2-5y) - As the second designer, you’ll be knee-deep in solving cutting-edge human-computer interface problems, developing new mental models for the next million users of decentralized finance, and defining the design culture of a small but growing organization.

  • Product Marketing Manager at Aave (London, Full-time, 5y+) - You will help shape the complete amplification experience for various products across the company including messaging, campaigns, go-to-market strategy, and more.

  • Business Development Lead at Utopia Labs (Remote, Full-time, 2-5y) - As the Business Development lead, you would be our missionary into new communities and projects; providing value, participating in governance, and supporting the amazing builders we love at any stage in their journey.

  • Head of Talent at Utopia Labs (Remote, Full-time, 5y+) - People make the company so we’re looking to build the happiest, most productive, and most skillful team in web3; and that starts with people ops.

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Weekly Spotlight | Creative Companies in web3

⛩️ Utopia Lab ~ Founded by Kaito and Pryce in 2022, Utopia Labs is a 9-person team building the modern system for managing + automating contributor payments, expenses, and reporting for your DAO, built right on top of Gnosis. Their vision is to build the infrastructure to scale DAOs and crypto native internet organizations. They’re hiring +9 roles!

🦜 Berty Tech ~ Founded by Manfred, Berty is an 11-person team building a B2C Web3 mobile app (iOS and Android) that uses cryptography, peer-to-peer with no servers and no cloud storage, meaning that your data is only stored on the device where Berty is installed and used, making it an entirely decentralized messenger. Privacy first!

🌳 Open Forest Protocol ~ Founded by Fred Fournier, OFP is a +20 person team building an open platform to accelerate our response to climate change. It transparently measures, verifies, and funds forestation projects with blockchain technology (built on carbon-neutral NEAR blockchain). We love the cause!

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-Mathilde 🙋‍♀️

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