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Polygon, Forefront & Syndicate hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 15 Apr, 2022 • 7 minutes read ✨ •

Hi there ☀️

I hope you all had a great week, and getting ready for a nice & chill weekend. I’m happy to end mine sharing the latest non-tech roles I spotted for you (or your friends!). DAOs such as Forefront or Dxdao are looking for contributors, Polygon and Audius looking for full-timers. Let’s dive in!

Weekly Batch | Creative Jobs in Web3

👋 Featured Jobs

  • Product Designer at Syndicate ✺ (Remote US, Full-time, 2y+) - As one of our first product designers, you'll design key parts of our platform and have a huge impact in the earliest days of a fast-growing startup.

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🏜️ Latest Jobs

  • UX Wizard at DXdao (Remote, Contributor) - We are looking for a UX Wizard to join us at DXdao and help us execute on all phases of the UX design process for our products!

  • Web3 Country Manager (Europe) at Polygon (Remote, Full-time, 8y+) - As a country manager, you will lead growth strategy and marketing operations in Europe, one of Polygon’s key markets worldwide.

  • Product Designer at Polygon (Remote, Full-time, 2 to 5y) - As a product designer, you will work on website and app designs, you will be working with several clients, coordinating with the content and product teams to churn out some amazing interfaces.

  • Editorial Lead at Forefront (Remote, Full-time, Paid in Crypto) - The Editorial Lead is a key role for Forefront, someone who can shape the future of Forefront’s media arm.

  • Product Marketing Manager at 0x (Remote, Full-time, 5y+) - In joining 0x as our first Product Marketing Manager for 0x API, you’ll play a key role in telling the story of 0x API as our team defines the category of professional-grade APIs to access decentralized exchange liquidity.

  • Marketing Head at Alliance DAO (Remote, Full-time, 8y+) - Alliance DAO is seeking a Marketing Head to design and lead its i) marketing and communications, ii) community, iii) media and iv) events efforts.

  • Multimedia Designer at Audius (Remote, Full-time, 3y+) - You will work closely with external relations and product design teams to brainstorm and create high-quality content that captures and strengthens our brand image.

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Weekly Spotlight | Web3 Companies

💫 DXdao ~ Launched in 2019 on Ethereum Mainnet (with Gnosis & DAOStack), DXdao aims at building a suite of DeFi products. They successfully built 3+ products such as Swapr, CarrotEth and OmenEth and show that a decentralized model - putting all strategy and budget decisions to on-chain votes without any central authority - works! It doesn’t come without challenges however, that’s why they’re hiring talent with some experience contributing to DAOs. Do you have some experience yourself?

💚 Polygon ~ To some of you, Polygon doesn’t need any introduction, but I wave at myself a few months ago, I would have liked a small introduction. Founded in 2017 by 4 co-founders, Polygon platform (originally named Matic) provides developers a faster and cheaper way to develop decentralized apps (or dApps). How? Well, their type of solution is considered a layer2 solution, or a piece of software that sits atop blockchain (known as layer1). So basically, when transaction fees spike on during high network congestion on the Ethereum blockchain, Polygon offers to process some transactions elsewhere (their own proof-of-stake) which cuts costs. More than 10k dApps are built on Polygon.

ForefrontDAO ~ Founded in 2020, Forefront launched with one idea in mind - help you find the right communities to contribute. They pledged curation was increasingly important as decentralization grew, and as social tokens exploding. I recommend reading How Creator DAOs redefine the way we work. Their core staff counts 3 full-time members (Carlos, Caroline, and Ed) 4 part-time and ~50 contributors. And well, they’re hiring 4 people to join full-time!

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-Mathilde 🙋‍♀️

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