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Incept, GnosisDAO & Status hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 29 Apr, 2022 • 5 minutes read ✨ •

Happy Friday 👋

What a week. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been waiting for the weekend like:

But still a great week on the #Web3 Jobs front. I chatted with a P2E game hiring like crazy in France, discovered new companies like Status & Incept, and spotted great senior-level roles.

Feel free to hit reply if you’re looking for a role, or want to see different jobs! 💬

Weekly Batch | Non-tech roles in Web3

🏜️ Latest Jobs

  • Tokenomics Lead at Concept Art House (Remote, Full-time) - Design, implement, and maintain a platform token and accompanying platform ecosystem.

  • Marketing & Com Manager at Credix (50-80k$, Remote, Full-time) - Co-develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about Credix and its products and drive qualified traffic to our door.

  • Lead Product Designer at Incept (Remote, full-time) - You will work with the Engineering and Product team to determine design requirements for the UX / UI of our products, submit draft concepts for approval, and develop design prototypes and drive product development.

  • Head of Marketing at Zenlink (Remote, full-time) - Zenlink has been aggressively shipping products for a long time, but community growth and marketing are also essential to the development of the project. You’ll be responsible for that!

  • Head of Marketing at Troverse (Remote, Vancouver, Full-time) - We are looking for a senior full-stack marketing executive with vast knowledge in Crypto, NFT and Gaming spaces to join us and plan, lead and execute all marketing and PR activities.

  • Product Manager at Phantom (Remote US, Full-time) - You will be responsible for the planning and execution across the entire product life-cycle.

Weekly Spotlight | Web3 Companies

🪐 Incept ~ Ku and Mark met in the centralized fintech space where their startup set out to re-imagine the way we approach global investing. They quickly learned that centralized finance was riddled with lots of inefficiencies and barriers to entry. They started Incept Protocol as core contributors, before welcoming Brian and Aron! It is bringing a whole new trading experience, for example, users can invest in gold in the form of synthetic asset on Incept!

💬 Status ~ Founded in 2017, Status is building the all-in-one web3 with a secure wallet, web3 browser and messaging app. What we love most, is the values driving the team - liberty, censorship resistance, decentralized & more. They’re 100+ team members, distributed all over the world since the beginning and they’re always working in small teams (no more than 2-5 people).

💎 Troverse ~ Troverse is building a galactic metaverse set in a galaxy of 10,000 planets. Nima, and 3 others founders - who worked in the gaming industry beforehand - launched the planet collection in March, and all of them were acquired. They’re now inviting new talent to join the project!

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-Mathilde 🙋‍♀️

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