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Shares, Gem & Illuvium hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 12 Aug, 2022 • 6 minutes read ✨ •

Happy Friday,

I have been searching for art advisors this week and discovered the world of Illuvium, you’ll love the interview I found with its co-founder & art director, Grant Warwick 🤩. We also spotted awesome jobs in crypto trading, and NFT marketplaces, and improved lots of things on again. Let me know what you think!

Weekly Spotlight | Web3 Companies

🔰 Illuvium ~ Founded in 2020, the three co-founders (and brothers!) primary goal is to create an AAA game title merging gaming and crypto in a unique way. They built a 70+ person team (and growing) with very high standards to do just that. If you value transparency from web3 founders, you should read Aaron Warwich explainer of Illuvium, or rather what it isn’t.

🧑‍🚀 Nas Academy ~ Remember Nas Daily 1 minute videos on Facebook? Well, the founder Nuseir raised $12m to build more products for creators, and recently partnered with Invisible College (basically a Web3 school) to launch token-gated Web3 courses!

♾️ Pagoda - Navigating tutorials (such as “how to build a fully-fledged NFT smart contract”), or starting from scratch on your developer console, Pagoda is basically a platform allowing you to build your own blockchain-based product. Launched as part of NEAR ecosystem, the main value prop is to stop relying on Web2 tools to track your product’s adoption and growth, but use Web3-native ones (like Pagoda) to support the principles of users owning their own data.

Weekly Batch | Non-tech roles in Web3

Featured Jobs 🌟 

  • Director of Partnerships at Illuvium (Hybrid, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - Plan and execute business development and influencer marketing in crypto and gaming markets, oversee deal flow from lead generation to execution, design and implement a partner and influencer CRM, and secure partnerships with key organizations and influencers to position Illuvium game studio as the leader in the GameFi revolution.

  • Head of People & Culture (HR Manager) at Magic Square (Fully Remote, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - Lead the People & Culture department in handling the full spectrum of HR functions, with emphasis on employee engagement, performance management, recruitment & manpower planning, compensation & benefit, succession planning, employee relations & industrial relations.

Latest Jobs

  • Head of Product at Nas Academy (Hybrid, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - Lead the Product organization, supervising and mentoring the teams to build a world-class product practice at

  • Product Marketing Lead at Pagoda (Fully Remote, Full-time, Mid-level (2 to 5y) - As the company’s first product marketing manager, you must have a proven track record of effectively bringing new products to market, driving monetization strategies, and serving as a voice of your customers.

  • Creative Game Lead at Metacrafters (Fully Remote, Full-time, Mid-level (2 to 5y) - This position has an important role with direct impact ensuring that we put our learners/players first and deliver games that delight and engage.

  • Product Designer at Gem (Fully Remote, Full-time, Mid-level (2 to 5y) - We are looking for a Product Designer to help us advance our mission to build a world-class NFT marketplace aggregator.

  • Senior Product Manager - Social at Shares (Hybrid, Full-time, Senior-level (5y to +) - This role involves deeply understanding the different mechanics around how our early adopters are interacting with one another and developing creative yet simple solutions to empower their engagement.

View more jobs 🪐

Weekly Musings | Work in Web3 📚

  • I’m really into games and their behind-the-scenes, so you’ll love the interview I found with Illuvium’s co-founder & art director, Grant Warwick 🤩.

  • Tomasz Tunguz writes about the bottleneck of Web3, messaging. What’s your take on this?

  • My favorite background noise to help me focus during the day 😌 (not web3 related, hope you won’t mind)

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