Hey, I’m Mathilde, founder at Woody 👋

I'm also the marketer, sales, designer, and builder at Woody - and proud to be a company of one 🧡

About me

After 5+ years as recruitment agency cofounder, building a 20-person team, hiring senior level talent for fast growing startups, and managing clients - I was obsessed with transitioning into a more creative career. I was curious to know if I needed to learn a new skill, change jobs or work in the creative industry as a recruiter. In 2020, I moved abroad and started working 100% remotely, possibilities seemed endless.

I followed my curiosity and learned digital art with procreate, built my site with Webflow, started learning 3d design and game making. I was amazed by everything we could create online but I didn't want to simply consume these tools. I wanted to help make them in some way.

Why build Woody

For a few weeks, I combed the web for a place that would tell me which path to take. I listed creative companies on a google sheet and started to record why they were interesting to me and how I could contribute. Then I spotted jobs and listed creative attributes that matched my skills. I realized that I was a creative generalist, looking to contribute to building creative products from scratch and avoid repetitive soul-sucking tasks.

Creative work is much more than the arts. We shifted to a knowledge economy, and most of us work on abstract tasks - similar to art - such as writing, building products, product marketing, and strategizing. All this is creative work, and I wanted a place to explore just that.

I got lucky and started working with a gaming studio as a freelance recruiter & brand. I discovered many things about building a mobile game, hiring creative talent worldwide, designing their studio site, and more. It was a significant first step into my own creative career.

That's what I want to create with woody: a place where you can take a first step into your own squiggly creative career - whether you're an artist or a software engineer. 👋

How is Woody different from other job boards?

I have been a recruiter for 5+ years, and I know what you're looking for. While this is a traffic business, I don't want you to receive 10k low-quality applications but 10 great ones. I share offers to my personal talent pool on Linkedin and adjust my promotion strategy to reach the right communities. I want your company to feel seen and valued when posted on Woody.

I have also been searching for the perfect creative career; I know how exciting and overwhelming it can be. I want to help you explore creative paths, take chances and own your career change. For example, you will read about 10 ideas for a creative career in tech, How to get a job at Canva, 5 types of creative companies you can work for in web3, and learn about new creative startups in my weekly newsletter.

Why is it called Woody?

Woody is a cowboy from Toy Story, going on adventures and quests - and I envision our career as a sum of small quests! On a personal note, Woody embodies creativity at its core to me (Pixar, Woody Allen).

I didn't want to be another job site but a brand I cared for. A brand others could care for as well. I hope you'll grow attached to Woody, too, because merch is coming (cute stuffed animals, stickers, and more!).

Your support goes a long way

Being a solo founder is as exciting as it is challenging! Your support is valuable to keep helping creative teams and talent find each other.

✴️ If you find a job with Woody, I would love to know! I could even add your testimonial to the site, just like Ariel, who landed a job in blockchain gaming.

✴️ If you're hiring, post your job or recommend us to your friends!

✴️ Follow me - I build Woody in public, so feel free to say hello on Twitter, and Linkedin.

Thank you 💜

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