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I review your job post personally and make sure it looks perfect 🙂

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That’s a wrap, your job post is live on Woody and cross posted to discord forums, subreddits, social media, newsletter and more!


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🌈 Where will my job be shared?

  • In the weekly newsletter.
  • On Woody’s Twitter and Linkedin company pages.
  • On Google Job network.
  • I allocate my sourcing experience as a recruiter finding niche creative communities to advertise your job. I crosspost it on subreddits, discord forums, telegram groups, and other niche communities
  • In a weekly post addressing my personal Talent Pool built after 5+ years as a recruiter (Pro plan).

🎨 How will my job post look like?

  • Job posts will remain featured at the top for 30 days (Pro plan).
  • My priority is that every job listed on Woody is clear and attractive to candidates. I will always ensure each job has a logo, a section about the company, a job summary, detailed requirements, and a correct apply link.
  • The content of your job is entirely yours to personalize. Feel free to add anything.

✍️ How can I post my job?

  • Step 1: Fill out a simple 5-minute form tailored for creative companies. You will proceed to the payment at the end of the form.
  • Step 2: I review your job post personally and make sure it looks perfect.
  • Step 3: That’s a wrap. Your job post is live on Woody and cross-posted to discord forums, subreddits, social media, newsletter, and more!

💰 How much does it cost?

  • Your first job post is free!
  • Start plan job posts cost $99.
  • Pro plan job posts cost $299.
  • Contact me if you want to post several jobs or have any questions.

Woody was like finding a gem.

Looking for a fully remote role in web3 ended up way easier than anticipated and oh boy what an incredible find. I was contacted, interviewed, and landed a job as a digital content specialist for an incredible gaming company in web3 during my first month of search.

I highly recommend it to all my fellow marketers.

Ariel Eiberman Content Marketing at Horizon Blockchain Games