Best No Code Companies to work for in 2024

If you're considering a creative career, I encourage you to learn more about the no code movement, creative jobs specific to no code companies, and browse through the best no code companies to work for in 2024.

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Best No Code Companies to work for in 2024

The story behind no-code’s inception

I always envied the freedom of developers who were able to bring their ideas to life, and even make a living from them. In 2011, the mainstream advice in tech was to “learn how to code” with Codeacademy raising its first founding round of $2.5 million to make widely accessible this skill (time goes by fast, right!).

The next year, two founders were dreaming a tiny bit bigger. Josh started coding a tool to help non-technical founders build their ideas without needing to learn how to code and Vlad imagined a future where anyone could spin up a professional-caliber website without technical skills either. Bubble and Webflow were born to then stand 10 years later at the forefront of the no-code movement with respectively 2 millions and 3.5 millions users worldwide.

Best no code companies to work for in 2023

Oh wait, did I mention that Liu decided to revolutionize spreadsheets beyond organizational tools, and started coding Airtable the same year? Yes, planets were aligned.

Since then, we’ve seen numerous no-code companies take off and surf this growing market such as Coda, Softr, Xano and so forth. One common pattern to every no-code tool, is that it allows anyone to create software using a graphical user interface (GUIs), instead of writing code.

GUIs logic can be applied to creating web apps, websites but more creative platforms as well. Game engines, such as GameMaker or Soba enable users to drag-and-drop elements, rather than programming, to build your own 2D, or 3D game.

And finally, we’ve seen the rise of similar logics applied to web3, enabling anyone to go beyond the technical challenge of developing on-chain, and creating utility NFTs right away. Companies like Tropee, or Thirdweb embraced that concept.

Webflow’s founder original vision was the following: “The no-code movement rests upon the fundamental belief that technology should enable and facilitate creation, not be a barrier to entry.” And this is exactly the objective the no-code logic and movement is fulfilling.

Why no code is a great creative path in tech

In 2022, I decided to build a product but I had no technical skills. I identified three different options to go forward with it. I could:

  1. Hire a freelance developer to build a first version, but I did not have enough technical knowledge to define a clear roadmap, nor the resources to invest in hiring someone.
  2. Learn how to code, and build a first version myself. While the challenge sounded exciting, it would have taken much longer to validate an idea, and my goal wasn’t to become a developer either.
  3. Find a low cost option to build a functional MVP, on a short time frame. No-code removed the zero to one friction, and was the missing piece for many of us.

I chose to build this job board using Softr, and Airtable. In one month, I could test my idea, improve my first version, learn the ropes of product building and get my first subscribers. Discovering no-code opened a new path for me.

Overall no-code has the following benefits:

  • It opens up wide (& wild!) creative career paths and opportunities, from creating your own sustainable product, your own game, NFT idea in a matter of days, to leveling up as a marketer shipping your own ideas without relying on developers, or even freelancing.
  • It empowers a diverse wave of makers, creators from different backgrounds and perspective. The inherent diversity that comes with no-code is one key element to fostering a creative environment.
  • It thrives on community. The learning experience naturally leads people to communicate, ask questions, find answers whether it’s on forums, or private slack, discord or telegram. Weblow built its reputation around community building, and inclusive approach to creating spaces for people.

What are creative jobs specific to no code companies

If you’re interested in joining one of the best no code companies to work for in 2024, these are the kind of creative jobs you could find joining no-code teams:

  • Community Marketing & Education: As mentioned above, no-code tools like Webflow and Bubble empower more than 2 millions users such as creators, start-up founders, and creative employees. Softr zoomed organically from 0 to 50k users in less than 15 months channeling word of mouth. While some no-code tools are really easy as a drag and drop, others like Webflow or Bubble still have steep learning curves for non-tech audiences. That’s where education challenges gets fun, for instance webflow created the Webflow University to educate and onboard their users, with a humorous & Netflix-like twist - how smart!

  • Product Marketing: Creating a meaningful brand and owned content is a priority for no-code products to win in a broad market context, amongst a diverse list of competitors in a variety of audiences. This content marketer at Bueno is a good example or this product marketing role at Coda are great examples.

  • Creative (technical) Product Manager: Often, no-code products face unique sets of technical challenges. For instance, Bubble is not only a visual design and programming tool, but they also host all Bubble apps for their users (possibly one of the most understated and “magical” experiences of the Bubble product - users don’t have to worry about scaling at all!). This means that they are tackling unique scaling projects and there’s room to build out industry best practices as well as get creative.

  • Product Design: The product is at the heart of user’s experience, and one main feature of no-code is providing a fast, efficient and smooth graphic interface. This comes with lots UX challenges to onboard and retain non-technical users effectively.

How to choose the best no code company for you?

Your choice largely depends on the following questions, pondering which one(s) are the most valuable to you. You could ask yourself:

  • Which stage of growth is the company at?
  • What does the team looks like and who would you work with?
  • What is the company and team work style: onsite, hybrid or 100% remote?
  • What is the company work style in terms of creative routines, meetings, IRL meetups?
  • Which industry does it fit into? (Working for a no-code tool in gaming might be quite different than a no-code tool for spreadsheets).
  • What are the salary ranges if mentioned?

In the list of the best no code companies to work for in 2024 below, you will find valuable information to navigate some of these criteria, such as:

  • Founding Date & Location
  • Industry
  • Team size
  • Company growth stage
  • Work style

Let’s dive in.

18 best no code companies to work for in 2024

If you spot a 🌟, it means I tried the tool and it made my personal favorite list ;)

Softr 🌟

  • Founded in Berlin, in 2019.
  • Industry: WebApps
  • Team: 50+
  • Growth: Series A
  • 100% remote

Softr is the easiest no-code platform to create custom apps and client portals, powered by your data. With Softr any non-technical user can create customer portals, internal tools, dashboards, membership apps & resource directories within hours, with zero learning curve, powered by their data. All the applications created with Softr are also automatically responsive and work great on mobile and tablet.

Softr Careers


  • Founded in Prague, in 2017.
  • Industry: Integrations
  • Team: 200+
  • Growth Stage: Exited
  • Hybrid in Prague, Czech Republic

Make is a visual platform for anyone to design, build, and automate anything. Headquartered in Prague since its release in 2016, Make was acquired by Celonis in 2020, and currently operates as an independent business unit under the Celonis umbrella. As they continue to grow, we look forward to hiring the best talent from all over the globe for all our areas and departments.

Make Careers


  • Founded in San Francisco, in 2018
  • Industry: Webapps
  • Team: 50+
  • Growth Stage: Series A
  • 100% remote across Europe and US

Glide is building delightful tools to empower the next billion people to create amazing software for work, for life, and everything in between.

Glide Careers


  • Founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2019
  • Industry: Mobile Apps
  • Team: 50+
  • Growth stage: Pre-seed

Bravo Studio is a design-first, no-code tool. It allows you to convert your app Figma or Adobe XD designs into native mobile apps (both iOS and Android). Generated apps can take payments, use native functionality or use OAuth to connect to 3rd party services.

Bravo Careers (not currently hiring)


  • Founded in New York, US in 2012
  • Industry: Webapps
  • Team: 200+
  • Growth stage: Series A
  • Flexible First model gives employees the choice to select a work arrangement that works best for them – whether that's at home, in the office, or a hybrid of both.

Bubble’s mission is to enable anybody to create software, even if they don’t know how to code. They feel that with how vital technology is, its creation can’t be restricted to a small number of people with CS degrees or coding backgrounds. Today, They have an industry-leading no-code tool that helps users build VC-backed startups, personal projects, internal company tools and more.

Bubble Careers

  • Founded in Paris, France in 2017
  • Industry: Webapps
  • Team: 20+
  • Growth stage: Seed
  • 100% remote

At we are doing a low-code front-end builder to help companies ship web-applications faster. In a nutshell WeWeb is a visual builder like Webflow, but with the ability to use data from your own stack in the web-product: you can use your own Authentication system, data coming from your back-end (be it through a REST API or directly from aSQL DB), you can fetch and send data to your CRM, ATS, etc.

WeWeb Careers (not currently hiring)

Webflow 🌟

  • Founded in New York, US in 2012
  • Industry: Design
  • Team: 500+
  • Growth stage: Growth
  • 100% remote

Webflow is the leading visual development platform for building powerful websites without writing code. By combining modern web development technologies into one platform, Webflow enables people to build websites visually, saving engineering time, while clean code seamlessly generates in the background. From independent designers and creative agencies to Fortune 500 companies, millions worldwide use Webflow to be more nimble, creative, and collaborative. It’s the web, made better.

Weblow Careers

Zapier 🌟

  • Founded in San Francisco, US in 2012
  • Industry: Integrations
  • Team: 1000+
  • Growth stage: Growth
  • 100% remote with teammates spanning 40 countries around the world.

Zapier is on a mission to make automation work for everyone. With Zapier, you can integrate apps like Salesforce, Intuit, Google, and Dropbox, to move data between them automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Zapier Careers


  • Founded in San Francisco, US in 2021
  • Industry: Landing Pages
  • Team: 20+
  • Growth stage: Early (YC batch)

The Canva of web pages: build pages, link in bios, forms, blogs, shops - no code.

Typedream Careers (not currently hiring)


  • Founded in San Francisco, US in 2014
  • Industry: Docs, Spreadsheets
  • Team: 200+
  • Growth stage: Growth
  • Hybrid work: onsite or remote US

Coda started in 2014 with a simple observation: In a world full of pre-built tools and applications, why do documents and spreadsheets seem to run the world? The founding Coda team crossed paths at Google, YouTube, and Microsoft, where they saw their teams stretch the limits of what spreadsheets and documents can do. Then in 2014, they banded together to build the doc they always wanted. One that erased the boundaries between words and data. And where everyone could work together, in their own way, off the same data.

Coda Careers

Tally Forms 🌟

  • Founded in Belgium in 2020
  • Industry: Forms
  • Team: 3+
  • Growth stage: Boostrapped, +30K MRR
  • Remote

Marie and Filip are building Tally in pulic since 2020, and grew the product organically to 30K MRR. Tally enables you to create forms for all purposes in seconds and easily share or embed them into your website. Without knowing how to code, and for free. It's like Typeform and Notion had a baby! They're early, but recently started hiring in customer support. Keep an eye on them, they might be hiring more team members soon!

Tally Careers (not currently hiring)


  • Founded in San Francisco, US in 2021
  • Industry: Web3
  • Team: +40
  • Growth stage: Series A
  • Remote

Thirdweb exists to accelerate Web3 by equipping the next generation of creators and entrepreneurs with the tools to build Web3 products, games and experiences.

Thirdweb Careers


  • Founded in Paris, France in 2021
  • Industry: Web3
  • Team: +10
  • Growth stage: Seed
  • 100% Remote

NFTs can be much more than just pretty pictures on the blockchain. That's why they started a movement in which communities come together and get more value out of owning NFTs.

Tropee's mission is to unlock the true potential of NFTs — by giving the web3 community the open platform they need to discover, collect and create NFT utilities.

Tropee Careers

Bueno 🌟

  • Founded in Europe in 2021
  • Industry: Web3
  • Team: +20
  • Growth stage: Early stage
  • 100% Remote

Pablo Stanley, prolific illustrator and designer found a new way to make art with NFTs. He launched Bueno in 2021, a powerful no-code toolkit for NFT creators to take them through the whole lifecycle of a project.

Bueno Careers

GameMaker 🌟

  • Founded in Scotland in 1999
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Team: +55
  • Growth stage: Growth (veteran in the space!)
  • 100% Remote

The home of GameMaker, the fastest and easiest-to-use cross-platform game development platform. GameMaker has been developed with usability and efficiency at its core, allowing developers to create games in a single code base and then publish them to run natively across an unprecedented number of platforms including Android, iOS, HTML5, macOS, Ubuntu, and consoles.

Ps: I've started building my own game using Game Maker following Shaun Splading tutorials. If you're curious, I'd say try it out!!


  • Founded in London in 2008
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Team: +14
  • Growth stage: Early stage

GDevelop is unlocking the world creativity by allowing everyone to create video games - without requiring any prior technical skills. An open-source, cross-platform game engine designed for everyone - extensible, fast and easy to learn #nocode 🎮

GDevelop Careers (not currently hiring)

Soba 🌟

  • Founded in Berlin, Germany in 2019
  • Industry: Gaming
  • Team: +25
  • Growth stage: Early stage
  • We have a flexible remote work policy and are open for candidates within a 2 hour time difference from CET. Some positions require more frequent travel to Berlin.

Soba is an online multiplayer open world and gaming platform with no-code game-making tools. We believe in a world where making games and building experiences is available for everyone, on every platform, not only to professionals using complex tools on PCs; and where the economics are fair and support creators.

Soba Careers

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