Senior UX Content Designer - Team Growth

1 year ago

Job Description

About the Product Growth Super Group

The extraordinary growth Canva has experienced to date has been primarily bottom-up and led from within our product, and the Product Growth โ€˜supergroupโ€™ is Canvaโ€™s centre of excellence for product-led growth.

We're a cross-functional, global org of 185+ passionate people made up of four groups: User Growth; Teams Growth, Pro Growth, and Revenue Platform.

Our work spans from building exciting new growth-focused products & experiences, developing unique and creative growth loops and GTM tactics, launching 100s of experiments each quarter, through to building the global payments & subscriptions infrastructure that allows our 100M+ monthly users worldwide to access our premium products.

Our goals play a central role in Canva's overall company mission and business success. We're responsible for a number of critical company metrics, which include signup, onboarding, activation, engagement, frequency of use, retention, collaboration, and monetization - right across our Free and Pro subscription products, globally.

About the Team Growth Group

The Team Growth group is on a mission to show every team the value of teaming up on Canva. We are committed to driving impact on key metrics for acquisition, activation, retention, expansion, and monetisation of teams on Canva. Driving these key pillars contribute directly towards our company goals.

Our group works together in cross-functional teams to build growth experiments and features that highlight our values and build growth frameworks and tools to facilitate rapid development in this space. We partner with other product groups and teams, leveraging our growth and experimentation engine to maximize the impact of all the amazing features and bring as much value to our community as possible.

About the Role/Specialtyโ€จโ€จ

Content Design is on a mission to help our users fulfill their goals with clarity and joy.

Weโ€™re looking to achieve this by building an amazing team with a culture of clear and crisp writing. Our focus is on systems, not just sentences. We create and improve flows, not just the words. We seek to have deep impact on key areas, not just shallow impact everywhere.

We're a small and growing part of our Design specialty. Canva sees content as a crucial part of its ongoing success โ€“ and weโ€™re really focused on improving our content experience. We have a fun, human voice that we want to do a better job of getting across to our users, instead of, you know, โ€œgeneric UX writingโ€ voice.

Weโ€™re passionate about working together to create the future of Content Design at Canva; itโ€™s not a top-down approach. Your opinion matters! Youโ€™ll also get lots of support from the diverse content team across the business. As soon as you arrive, weโ€™ll be saying โ€œThank goodness youโ€™re here!โ€

The content design specialty collaborates closely with Product Managers, Designers, Engineers and Design Researchers to identify solutions that prioritize our usersโ€™ needs.

Goals youโ€™ll achieve

  • Audit the existing teams sign up and onboarding experiences, identifying areas of potential growth
  • Identify ways in which we can successfully onboard different types of users to Teams, from team creators through to brand designers โ€“ showing the right content at the right times in their onboarding journeys
  • Help us more clearly communicate and differentiate between our suite of paid products, such as Canva Pro and Canva for Teams
  • Create a roadmap of content-specific plans and experiments for the Teams Growth area which you'll own and drive
  • Support our High Velocity sales team with copy experiments and changes crafted for the chat experience
  • Collaborate with the Teams Content Designer to create scalable consistency and identify work that should become content components

What youโ€™ll do

  • Content Design: Youโ€™ll use your writing skills, User Experience principles and knowledge of technical requirements of front-end development to develop product copy that helps Canva users to collaborate without the headaches. Youโ€™ll also work with the rest of the Content Design team to solve problems weโ€™re all facing, so we can continue to build a robust, thriving specialty.
  • Results: Youโ€™ll help design and develop the Canva website and applications from a content-first perspective, where your content design decisions move the metrics that matter
  • Collaboration: Youโ€™ll bring design, PMs, engineers and researchers together to find the best solutions for our users and to mitigate web-related issues by solving problems with language
  • Youโ€™ll help integrate our localisation principles to ensure the content you produce for our website and app is accessible in all languages

What we're looking for

  • Youโ€™re a senior Content Designer whoโ€™s got a proven track record of solving complex problems, ideally in the tech/SaaS industry. This means you have 5 years++ of content design or UX writing experience.
  • You're the go-to for onboarding guidelines and know how to successfully introduce new features to users with minimal noise.
  • You're experienced in transactional and/or upsell flows aimed at moving a user through a particular conversion funnel
  • Youโ€™ve owned Content Design research before and can champion best practices for studies and experiments in the messaging space.
  • You have incredible UX writing skills and an impressive content design portfolio, and are a stickler for brand voice, consistency and style.
  • You know how to work independently, but you also love collaborating with people from different disciplines and sharing the power of content design.
  • Youโ€™ve got a good balance between big-picture thinking and nailing the details.
  • Youโ€™re not afraid of complex problems โ€“ in fact, thatโ€™s where you thrive.
  • You know how to get buy-in from key stakeholders. Youโ€™ve got a track record of bringing people on the journey with you โ€“ they know whatโ€™s changing and why.
  • You like to move quickly, and arenโ€™t afraid of fast growth and rapid change. Canva is growing faster than you can imagine โ€“ which means solutions that worked 6 months ago might break. Youโ€™re up for that challenge.
  • You know how to prioritize ruthlessly and handle responsibilities for a wide number of projects โ€“ focusing your attention on the areas that matter most.

About Canva

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Our mission at Canva is to empower the world to design and since launching in 2013, we have grown exponentially, amassing over 100+ million monthly active users across 190 different countries and a team of over 3,000 peopleโ€ฆ and the best bit is that weโ€™ve only achieved 1% of what we know weโ€™re capable of.

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