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4 month ago

Job Description

Up until this point, our friend Mรฅrten has been helping us out as a part-time designer, an hour here, an hour there. Itโ€™s time to take full ownership of it and give it the attention it deserves. You will be leading design on our brand and product, working very closely with our CEO and the rest of the product team. This will be a dream job for someone who can pixel-push with the best of them, has a high level of agency, and loves to live at the frontier of technology.

Our vibe is deeply rooted in our Scandinavian backgrounds: Quality, simplicity, harmony between form and function, transparency, ambition, hard engineering, and beauty. We want our users to Visualize Everything Fast. Once a year we rent an island in the Stockholm archipelago for a company retreat in nature.

Why should you take this role?

  1. This role can shape how humans understand, and develop, the next generation of robots, drones, cars, rockets, and augmented reality. Your work will be used by a generation of developers who are building the future right now.
  2. It is very early days! You will join as the first full-time designer in a team of eight people. There is a lot of blank space to be filled.
  3. Our team is small but mighty - we have some of the best engineers in the world among us.
  4. Our ambition is to build a company where you can do your lifeโ€™s work - and have a life outside of work.

What you'll work on

  • Work closely with our engineers on designing the UI and UX of Rerun.
  • Perfect the user onboarding experience across landing, docs, and in the app.
  • Create a unifying set of design guidelines that can be used across the company from the core applications, and website, to corporate branding.
  • Help make our design guidelines clear and accessible to open-source contributors.
  • Contribute to downstream open-source projects, like egui, when necessary to make progress.

Who you are

  • You have great taste and can pixel-push with the best of them.
  • Youโ€™re excited about working close to a technical codebase, helping our engineers translate complex data models into beautiful user interfaces
  • You take personal pride in your work, great work is intrinsically motivating to you.
  • You are helpful and kind.
  • You have (some) experience programming. You can e.g. go from design to implementation on our React site on your own.
  • Bonus: You have experience designing information-dense, data-centric tools.
  • Bonus: You enjoy data visualization, โ€œWhat would Edward Tufte think of this?โ€
  • Bonus: You can (or are interested in learning to) commit UI changes in Rust.

About the role

  • We are a distributed company with a remote-first culture. The founders are based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have synchronous work hours every weekday from 13-17 CET, the rest of the day is up to you. We get the entire team together for a full week about once a quarter.
  • We encourage a diverse range of applicants! If you feel like youโ€™re not checking all the boxes but could be a great fit regardless please do send in your application.
  • Competitive salary and equity.

We look forward to your application, looking at your work, and getting to know you!

About Rerun

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What if you could see the world through the eyes of a robot? What does it perceive? How does it reason? What does it plan to do next? The world of AI and robotics is developing at lightning speed, and it is hard for any single human to keep pace. As humans building this future we need tools to understand how these systems are making decisions. That is what we are building at Rerun - seeing tools that will form the defining observability platform of the multimodal AI era.

Rerun is an open-source toolbox for logging and visualizing multimodal data. It is used by developers at some of the worldโ€™s best AI and robotics companies to understand what is going on within their systems. Weโ€™ve raised $5m from the likes of Guillermo Rauch, Oliver Cameron, Eric Jang, Matt Miesnieks, Luc Vincent, Seedcamp, and Costanoa.

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