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Job Description

AI agents are a new, relatively unexplored and very high-potential technology. They are not chat bots, nor LLMs. AI agents use LLMs and tools/skills to autonomously execute complex tasks (read more). They have the potential to become AI team mates that will augment the work of their human colleagues. To realize this potential, technology needs to be paired with excellent UX and UI design. Your role as Founding Product Designer is to make the hybrid workforce of the future a reality in a way that feels familiar, natural and irresistible. You get the opportunity to work on an entirely new class of digital products. This gives you the freedom to think from scratch and break out of standard solutions. At the same time you will be challenged to design intuitive interaction models which foster trust and nudge users towards collaboration with a completely unfamiliar tool.

This is a hands-on senior position. After an initial on-boarding and alignment phase youโ€™ll own all product related topics. It will be your role to make sure we are building a desirable product which addresses real customer pains. Besides that, youโ€™ll closely collaborate with the founders (CEO and CTO) and engineering team to make sure that the product is also feasible and enables a viable business model.

We are a small team, this means you get to experience the thrill of wrapping up your sleeves and engaging with users, building prototypes, co-creating with the engineering team and testing designs with potential users. As a senior designer youโ€™ll have the freedom to define and execute the appropriate product design and development process.

Please note that this is not a management position (at least not in the short term), so if you donโ€™t feel excited about a hands-on approach this position is probably not for you.

Examples of what youโ€™ll do

Youโ€™ll be the most senior designer on the team, so soon after you start youโ€™ll be the one telling us what it is that our product design needs most. As a start here a few areas youโ€™ll be responsible for:

  • Develop our product design and development process, which will enable us to work iteratively and build a desirable, feasible and viable product.
  • Develop and conduct user research, as well as integrate findings into the product design.
  • Collaborate end to end with engineers (frontend and backend) to get from the product vision to the end product.
  • Develop a scalable design system, which is aligned with our brand identity.

Who are we looking for?

Non-negotiable requirements (please do not apply if you donโ€™t fulfil these criteria):

  • You have a minimum of 4 years of experience as a digital product designer (UX/UI designer)
  • You are able to work in person from our office in San Francisco. This is not a remote position.

Additionally (ideally you recognize yourself in the statements below):

  • You have experience designing UX and UI for technical tools targeted at engineers. Ideally you might be a hybrid between a product designer and (ex)engineer.
  • You have experience in designing for AI and machine learning products.
  • You have a structured creative process which you apply to break down product design into phase. As a result you can enable informed decision making and an iterative progress.
  • You are able to identify the needs of customers (user research) then explore, validate and advocate for the strongest user experiences to solve their problem.
  • You have a track record of creating clear, intuitive, and visually appealing interfaces.
  • You have created robust and scalable design systems.
  • You are proficient in using modern design tools like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, Miro or similar.
  • You care about business needs and the practicality of your designs. You don't get stuck on pretty UI but can balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line.
  • You have strong beliefs, loosely held. You're a good listener who collaborates well with different stakeholders. You internalize all inputs to help you reach an optimal decision.
  • You value working cross-functionally with project management, engineering, research and data โ€” as well as design peers.

How we work:

  • Weโ€™re in-person: We move faster when we work from the same room. We have offices in Singapore and San Francisco. We donโ€™t do remote or hybrid.
  • Our hiring policy is to have a small team of senior players. Small teams move faster and working with other experienced + smart folks is more fun.
  • Transparent compensation: Weโ€™ll give you levers to adjust your compensation. $120k-$180k base, and 1.5% to 0.5% equity. 401k matching. Great healthcare.
  • Weโ€™re excited by AI as a way to augment ourselves, we hope you share the same enthusiasm.

How to apply?

This role is absolutely critical for the success of Cleric, so we are determined to hire the right person. If your experience and skills match the requirements above, AND you feel excited about our mission, we would love to hear from you. Please apply by providing the following:

  • Resume / CV: an overview of your past experiences, education and main skills/capabilities
  • Work Portfolio: examples of the projects you are most proud of, as well as the ones you think are relevant considering Cleric's focus.
  • Linkedin: attach a link to your profile

Recruitment process:

  1. Initial screening: we will review all incoming applications and select suitable candidates for the following interview process. If in doubt we might reach out to request additional information.
  2. (optional) Request for loom: If we are on the fence about a profile, weโ€™ll send them a personal note or a loom video from a founder, or weโ€™ll directly email them and tell them why their profile stood out, and ask them to create a short loom video. If they have a strong profile we will just schedule a call.
  3. Interview process:
    1. Conversation with the founders.
    2. Conversation with senior designer.
  4. Design assignment (paid): we will ask you to work on a short design task (max. 1 day). This is to assess your ability understand our target group as well as to come up with interesting design solutions.
  5. Chemistry check: we will take you out for lunch or dinner to enjoy some relaxed conversations and delicious food.

We are excited to hear from you!

About Cleric


Technology companies are grappling with the complexity of production environments. Engineers are drowning in a sea of observability data, which instead of solving the problem distracts them from their core task of software development. Production incidents can be nerve wracking and often requires hours of manual interventions.

Cleric is an AI agent designed to autonomously manage and resolve production issues. It uses an LLM based reasoning engine to react to, investigate, interpret, and fix problems occurring in production environments, even the ones it's encountering for the first time.

Our mission is to relief human engineers from the burden of maintaining complex software. We want to build a world in which autonomous software will manage, repair and optimize itself, so that human engineers can focus on software development.

We're a small group of software, infrastructure, data and AI experts. We are backed by a leading AI venture capital firm and Silicon Valley angels. Itโ€™s the perfect time to join if you not only want the thrill of designing a new category of product, but also want to participate in building the business.

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