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Job Description is seeking a dynamic Design Lead to join our team. In this influential and hands-on role, you will guide and inspire the visual direction of our projects, manage design budgets and workflows, collaborate closely with our Venture Leads to align design with business goals, and and play a pivotal role in creating of compelling design assets using AI technologies.

  • Take part in launching new products all the way from ideation to iterating on a live product
  • Create visual identities for up to 10 product launches a year
  • Be hands-on in a small and uncomplicated startup environment that will never become a big company
  • Learn more than ever before
  • Use AI for your job like in no other organisation

What you will do:

  • Craft visually-appealing and effective designs for our products at Genova
  • Rapidly sketch/prototype ideas to confirm UX approaches
  • Proactively propose product-led growth designs to help drive our business
  • Collaborate with the Venture teams across the product development cycle, including user research to comprehend market needs, creating product design, and optimising design for growth
  • Work with Venture teams and Marketing to create advertising materials that are suitable for each venture
  • Assist Genova in defining and rolling out our visual identity, including an attractive branding
  • Maintaining a balance between perfectionism and pragmatism in design
  • Harness AI in your daily work

Job requirements

Your profile:

To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • Product Design Experience: 3+ years of experience in a product design role. Preferably worked in a fast-paced startup environment, showcasing adaptability and agility.
  • Diverse Design Skillset: Proven track record across multiple design disciplines with experience also beyond product design (UX & UI). Prior work in branding, ad design and/or motion design is a major plus.
  • Growth and Business Mindset: Demonstrated understanding of growth metrics. Experience in thriving within a data-driven environment (e.g. as part of a growth team), contributing to data-informed design decisions.
  • Project Management and Reliability: Exhibit a reliable and proactive "getting stuff done" attitude. Strong project management skills, ensuring timely and efficient delivery of design projects.
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Strong interpersonal skills, fostering collaboration within design teams and effective communication with stakeholders.
  • Educational Background: Hold an educational background in visual design, such as Graphic Design or Visual Communications.

Why offers a unique work environment that sets us apart:

  • Speed and Agility: We pride ourselves on building faster and embracing a fail-fast, learn-fast philosophy.
  • Disruptive Thinking: We challenge the status quo and continuously question conventional practices.
  • Independence: We're well-funded but avoid VC funding, focusing solely on creating value for ourselves and our customers.
  • Startup Culture: We're committed to remaining a startup, avoiding the pitfalls of bureaucracy and slow operations.
  • Top Talent: You'll collaborate with an exceptional team of top talent, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable work environment.
  • Ego-Free Zone: We prioritize teamwork and collaboration, leaving egos behind to focus on the joy of collective creation.

If you're enthusiastic about's approach, intrigued by generative AI, and believe you align with the outlined profile, we encourage you to apply. We're excited to connect with you and explore the possibilities of working together.


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We exist to bring the magic of Generative AI to millions of people. 

Generative AI is a new wave of technological disruption that will ripple through countless industries. We started Genova to be at the forefront of the revolution. Genova, meaning "New Wave" is a venture studio aimed at building delightful products around Generative AI.

After founding Smallpdf (a top 100 website globally) and Taxfix (a FinTech unicorn), Mathis (Linkedin profile) founded Genova, together with a handful of other product, growth and AI experts. Our aim is to combine our expertise and experience to build products that improve human experiences for millions of people. 

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