Senior Product Designer (Organic Growth)

26 days ago

Job Description

Simple is looking for a Senior Product Designer (Organic Growth) to join our amazing Growth Design Team. Your expertise will contribute to our ambitious goal of positively impacting the nutrition and quality of life for over a 1,000,000,000 people worldwide. As a Senior Product Designer, you will focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) from a UI/UX perspective, turning users into loyal, paying customers through intuitive and effective design solutions.

Our key values are:

  • As market leaders in monetisation and conversion rate optimisation (CRO), we set the standard for excellence. We seek a specialist who can continue to push the boundaries, finding efficient, non-obvious solutions that keep us ahead.
  • The ideal candidate delves deep, not just skimming the surface. We value professionals who think critically, analyze extensively, and understand the nuances of user behavior and market trends.
  • It's crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends, but more importantly, to understand them. We're looking for someone who can interpret market shifts and user habits, applying this understanding to drive impactful monetisation strategies.
  • Deep knowledge of customer habits and psychology is key. Our aim is to create solutions that resonate with users, ensuring our strategies are grounded in real, actionable insights into what drives user decisions and loyalty.

Job requirements:

  • Demonstrated ability to enhance user engagement and retention through organic growth strategies.
  • Proven experience in creating compelling UI/UX designs that lead to natural user growth.
  • Strong focus on enhancing the user journey in a monetisation-free context.
  • Proficient in using UX research and data analytics to inform design decisions organically.
  • A perfect candidate would have 5+ years of experience in world-class mobile consumer products with a significant track record in driving growth.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Open-minded teams, a welcoming and inclusive company culture, plus the opportunity to make a real difference with a game-changing health tech product;
  • A competitive salary package based on your unique expertise, skillset, and impact on the product plus stock options;
  • Remote, in-office, and hybrid work opportunities;
  • The equipment whatever you need to be happy and productive;
  • A premium SIMPLE subscription;
  • 21 days annual leave, plus bank holidays (those observed where you live);
  • Flexible hours. We focus on your results, not how long you spend at your desk.

About Simple


SIMPLE is a successful mobile product with over 15 million unique downloads, more than 300K 5-star reviews, and over 50% year-over-year revenue growth.It offers judgment-free, gentle guidance toward balanced nutrition, a healthy relationship with food, and ultimately, improved health and well-being. Built with flexibility and convenience in mind, the app is a safe and supportive space to get actionable feedback, learn, and increase confidence. SIMPLEโ€™s method is shaped by a global team of nutrition, behavior change, digital health, and medical experts. The journey is enhanced through Avo, a personal wellness assistant within the app that provides timely suggestions and real-time answers.
With SIMPLE as a partner in their pocket, users feel cared for and empowered to embrace โ€” and stick to โ€” new healthy habits. To learn more, visit

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