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Design Engineer

1 month ago

Job Description

The Design Team is a distributed group of problem-solvers with high standards. Striving for excellence in every iteration by being curious, agile, and pragmatic. We collaborate closely across time zones, taking ownership and constantly pushing designs forward across product and marketing. We empathize and engage with users to identify, research, and develop foundational design patterns to make dApps and web3 more accessible and beautiful.

We are looking for a skilled Design Engineer ready to tackle meaty technical challenges. We are building the foundational infrastructure of web3 and need a sharp and creative mind to help our users beautifully navigate challenging workflows. Our ideal candidate will have a bias toward action, default to collaborative communication, and will possess the skills to deliver excellent designs in HTML/CSS and React.

What Youโ€™ll Be Doing

  • Website Implementation: Building highly polished pages that paint the picture of our vision and direction using frameworks like Next.js
  • UI Components: Collaborating on UX/UI patterns and building accessible, performant, and developer-friendly components using React, Typescript, and the latest web technologies
  • Prototypes: Prototyping end-to-end high-fidelity UI designs to visualize product experiences
  • Learn and Iterate: Gathering feedback and insights on how the product should evolve

What We Expect

  • A portfolio or GitHub profile showcasing strong conceptual thinking and exceptional craftsmanship across various projects
  • Deep understanding of the fundamental technologies of the web (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Intermediate or advanced knowledge of React and TypeScript
  • Nice to have: experience with Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, Next.js
  • Ability to understand complex tools and systems. Our work is highly technical, and a deep understanding of both our products and the web3 problem space is essential.
  • A disciplined process for identifying, creating, and documenting UI components.
  • Expertise in creating and maintaining design systems and components
  • Show compassion and confidence when providing feedback to team members, and remain humble when receiving feedback
  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic, take ownership, and proof-check your work with high accuracy. Understand how to balance perfectionism with agile deliverables.
  • Emotional intelligence to think through product problems with partners and arrive at thoughtful solutions.
  • Strong alignment with the core principles of web3, including decentralization, trustlessness, and interoperability

About Edge & Node

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Edge & Node stands as the revolutionary vanguard of web3, a vision of a world powered by individual autonomy, shared self-sovereignty and limitless collaboration. Established by trailblazers behind The Graph, weโ€™re on a mission to make The Graph the internetโ€™s unbreakable foundation of open data. Edge & Node invented and standardized subgraphs across the industry, solidifying The Graph as the definitive way to organize and access blockchain data. Utilizing a deep expertise in developing open-source software, tooling, and protocols, we empower builders and entrepreneurs to bring unstoppable applications to life with revolutionary digital infrastructure.

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