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Level Designer

1 month ago

Job Description


  •  Lead design of new game levels and live game events with compelling visual narrative, cutscenes, and engaging mini-game and quests
  •  Collaborate with the Creative, Art, Design, and UI teams to develop storyboards for game episodes and events utilizing visual narrative design techniques
  •  Define/Assemble/Create in-engine cinematics in Unity, to reinforce visual narrative and action key moments of gameplay
  •  Ability to assemble a wide assortment of assets (models, characters, animations, VFX, Audio, Gameplay, Narrative and more) in the Unity engine.
  •  Apply understanding of cinematography, timing, motion, adding and moving cameras smoothly and artistically to create engaging scenes and compelling visual narratives.
  •  Collaborate across all creative departments including Audio, Artists, Tech Art, and Animators to ensure all the assets are being properly specified, created, and are ready for production and implementation.
  •  Collaborate with Production to establish and maintain a content pipeline during pre-production, production, and live game against goals


  •  5+ years of experience working in the video games industry as a Technical 3D Level Designer or Technical Artist.
  •  Demonstrated ability to design engaging premises and visual narratives for levels, quests, mini-games and events, including but not limited to optimizing level flow, pacing, visual storytelling, character animations, PvP experience, etc.
  •  Expert using Unity to build/create 3D game scenes, levels, and environments.
  •  VERY strong technical implementation knowledge and scripting experience.
  •  Good knowledge of in-engine sequencers.
  •  Strong knowledge of cinematography, 3D character and camera animation.
  •  Aware of new technologies and processes related to the industry.
  •  Excellent communication skills and abilities to work efficiently within a team.
  •  Ability to work with people from other fields of expertise in a strong culture of data-driven design using customer metrics from live services.
  •  Self-sufficient and resourceful; able to identify and work with technical constraints.


  •  Live game services experience, including management of a content pipeline and events calendar with live services team, and optimizing content design, investments and resource allocation against real time customer metrics.
  •  Mobile experience preferred.
  •  Agile development and hands on experience, ability to tweak or implement animations, VFX, lighting, and other assets as needed.
  •  You are excited to utilize new technologies and design novel games for a new market of players.
  •  Experience designing a Mobile game from scratch a plus

About Limit Break

Limit Break is a gaming company that focuses on creating immersive and engaging experiences for players. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of game design and storytelling to deliver cutting-edge entertainment. We strive to create games that captivate players and provide unique gaming experiences like never before.
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