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Job Description

We are seeking a talented and experienced Lead Game Designer to lead our game design team and collaborate closely with learning designers in creating groundbreaking educational games. As the lead game designer in an edtech company, you will have a unique opportunity to combine your passion for gaming with a focus on educational content. You will be responsible for driving the creative vision and ensuring the successful development and execution of our educational games, working hand in hand with learning designers to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

What youโ€™ll be doing

  • Define and establish the creative vision and direction for the educational game experience, ensuring alignment with the overall product strategy and learning goals
  • Collaborate closely with the product design, learning design, and instructional design teams to ensure the seamless integration of educational objectives, pedagogical principles, and user experience in game design concepts, mechanics, and features.
  • Collaborate with the product management team to define game feature roadmaps, prioritize development tasks, and drive the timely delivery of milestones that align with educational objectives.
  • Lead and mentor a team of game designers, providing guidance, feedback, and support throughout the game development process, particularly in the context of educational content.
  • Create and maintain comprehensive game design documentation that outlines the educational framework, learning outcomes, and gameplay elements to effectively communicate design concepts to the team.
  • Drive the development and iteration of gameplay mechanics, balancing educational objectives with engaging gameplay systems and player progression.
  • Oversee the level design process, collaborating with learning designers to create and refine level layouts, puzzles, and challenges that effectively reinforce the educational content.
  • Conduct playtests and user feedback sessions to gather insights and identify areas for improvement in both the gameplay and collaborate with learning designer to evaluate the educational effectiveness of the games.
  • Stay updated on the latest trends, research, and best practices in both gaming and education, and apply them to enhance the quality and impact of our educational games.
  • Work closely with the product marketing team to contribute to the development of marketing materials that highlight the educational value and benefits of our games.

If youโ€™ve got these skills, weโ€™d love to hear from you 

  • Proven experience as a game designer in the gaming industry, with a strong portfolio showcasing your creative and technical skills.
  • Bachelor's degree in game design, computer science, education, or a related field. A master's degree is a plus.
  • Previous experience in a leadership or managerial role, with the ability to lead and inspire a team.
  • Familiarity with the education sector, including knowledge of learning theories, instructional design, and educational technology.
  • Proficiency in game design tools and software, specifically Unity, and knowledge of Unreal Engine or other similar engines is beneficial.
  • Strong knowledge of game design principles, mechanics, and trends across various game genres with emphasis on puzzle game design experience.
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to identify and address gameplay and design issues while integrating educational content.
  • Solid understanding of player psychology and user-centered design principles to create engaging and immersive educational experiences.
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively convey design concepts and ideas to both technical and non-technical team members.
  • A passion for gaming and a deep understanding of different game genres, player motivations, and industry trends, as well as a genuine interest in education and learning.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and collaborative environment, managing multiple projects and priorities simultaneously.
  • Previous experience working with Product Managers and Product Designers to help bring content creator tooling ideas to life.

Why Labster.

We are Labster. Creators of virtual science lab software that makes learning engaging, effective and accessible to as many students as possible. We exist to empower the next generation of scientists to change the world.

In the same way our technology empowers students, we thrive on an autonomous and innovative culture, ensuring that your work fits into your lifestyle.

We encourage individual expression, boldly challenge how itโ€™s always been done, and foster learning, creativity, and growth. How you work is in your control, balanced by the comfort of access to like-minded, inspiring people, when you need it.

Whatโ€™s in it for you? 

  • Be a part of making science accessible and engaging to the worldโ€™s future scientists
  • Generous parental leave policy with a phased return to work program
  • Work with flexibility
  • Unlimited paid vacation (which we encourage you to actually take!)
  • Learning budget & freedom to decide what you learn!
  • Company-wide equity program
  • Opportunities to travel and meet your colleagues from around the world!
  • Access to free 1:1 therapy sessions and other mental health and wellbeing support tools through a membership with iFeel
  • Opportunity to get involved with our Women In STEM and LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Groups!

About Labster

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At Labster, we are a dynamic and innovative edtech company dedicated to revolutionizing education through the power of gaming. Our mission is to create immersive and interactive learning experiences that engage and inspire students of all ages. As the lead game designer, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of educational gaming and making a positive impact on the lives of learners worldwide.

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