Senior iOS Engineer

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Job Description

About the Role:

  • Polywork is looking for a strong native iOS developer to join our Lead iOS Engineer as the third member of the team. Small team, big impact.

  • This is a new app without legacy considerations that supports iOS 15+. Itโ€™s written in Swift and mostly uses UIKit, with some dabbling in SwiftUI. Weโ€™ll probably increase our use of SwiftUI as it matures and weโ€™re more comfortable with it. Youโ€™ll have a lot of choice in how you implement things.

  • Polywork uses a hybrid tech stack based on Turbo Native and a Rails back end. The technical goal is for the app to share HTML content layout with the mobile web while using native iOS navigation and UX patterns. We are focused on this feeling like a fully native app and the job will be primarily writing Swift using standard iOS frameworks. The code base will be familiar to you as a Swift/UIKit developer.

  • The prerequisite skill for this position is native iOS development in Swift using typical iOS patterns. If you are interested, there is the opportunity to learn more about full-stack development and front-end web technologies. How far you want to take that is up to you.

  • Polywork is building a product whose goal is to allow people to represent their whole selves professionally. We couldnโ€™t do that if we didnโ€™t respect each other in that way. You are encouraged to bring your best self to work and also to take time off so you can do that.

You Will:

  • Be given a lot of opportunity to guide our development and be supported in your decisions. We are a small team where everyone contributes meaningfully. Your work will matter and youโ€™ll see it manifested in the product.
  • Join a team that is flexible and figuring things out for a new product and company. Along with this comes lots of change and less rigid processes.
  • Work remotely with a distributed, async-first team. We strive to rely less on meetings and more on discussions on our own schedule.
  • Not have to use Jira. Weโ€™ve been thrilled with Linear for ticketing and prefer to stay lightweight and modern with the rest of our tools: Notion, Figma, GitHub, and Slack with adhoc Huddles when we want to talk. Of course Zoom for scheduled meetings but we keep those to a minimum.

You Have:

  • Built commercial iOS apps using Swift.
  • Led or worked solo on major features of those apps. You can start with a visual design, evaluate it, and work independently to build it at production quality.
  • Knowledge of iOS UX conventions and can give feedback on a visual design.
  • Compassion for the customer and your colleagues.


  • 1 month: You are familiar with the company, product, and code base. You can pick up and complete bug fixes and small features.
  • 3 months: You are able to implement native iOS features of moderate complexity that donโ€™t require architectural changes. You understand our hybrid architecture at a conceptual level.
  • 6 months: You are able to be the primary developer for significant new capabilities โ€“ hybrid or fully native โ€“ that may require architectural changes. While you may not write Ruby and JavaScript code, you can find your way around the back-end code base and roughly understand what it is doing. You can design solutions that leverage our hybrid architecture to enhance web pages with native interactions.


  • Compensation $150k-$190k + equity, based on experience.
  • Comprehensive health, dental and vision coverage.
  • Laptop and peripherals of your choice.
  • Monthly meal and gym stipend.
  • $2500 to set your home office up for success.
  • Polywork is 100% remote, but we offer coworking space in NYC.

  • EST - PST time zones required

Join us as we strive to make the world more productive by connecting people to more possibilities.

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