Senior Engineer/Designer

3 month ago

Job Description

We're building an environment where engineers can have the freedom and ownership to achieve big things faster than others think possible. The way we do this is by creating an environment that embraces the innovative engineers and mostly stays out of their way.

As a product engineer, you'll take ownership of a large portion of one of our products and own end-to-end projects (wearing hats traditionally worn by product and design). You'll research competitors, write product specs, make wireframes, and more.

Your in-depth knowledge of how software is built allows you to create new abstractions or implement technology in creative, novel ways that would be very challenging for most product managers or designers to achieve.

What Youโ€™ll Do

Your job is to use technology to build products that help people start new careers. Your products are going to be so much better than college that it's going to change the status quo, and you're going to be partly responsible for replacing the college system.

The way you do this is by having a strong expertise in software development and combining that knowledge with a deep understanding of our customers and products to generate great ideas for improvement and prioritizing accordingly. - This is where you'll wear your product hat.

Once you know what you should work on, you'll need to create the specs and wireframe, then design it with modern UI. You'll have the support of a design system and professional designer here for a polished end product. - This is where you'll wear your design hat.

You'll then be responsible for making your design a reality by using your senior engineering skills to write the code and make the product live. - This is where you wear your engineering hat.

Lastly, you'll measure the success of the product and optimize it by talking with customers, analyzing data, coming up with new ideas for improvement, and wearing all of your hats to create the best education experience in the world.

What You'll Need

  • This is a senior role, so 6+ years of full-stack development experience is required 
  • As a product engineer, you'll also need at least 2+ years of experience directly making product decisions and creating designs
  • Strong desire to act and be treated as an entrepreneur 


$130,000 - $160,000/year base salary + potential for quarterly bonuses based on performance

Technology Stack

TypeScript (frontend & backend), Node.js, React, Google Cloud, Figma 


  • A true results-only environment. We only look at results, not hours worked. 
  • Work fully remote, giving you the freedom to travel and spend more time with family. 
  • Paid spring break off to travel and have fun.
  • Up to 2 free flights & lodging in Cancun per year to hang out with the team
  • The ability to get significant equity in CourseCareers so you can get super rich for the value you contribute.
  • Quarterly performance reviews, allowing you to get immediate raises and bonuses. 
  • We're the smartest, hardest working, and most fun group of people you'll ever make friends with. We have an extremely pro-self-improvement & learning attitude, so we'll help level you up into the best possible version of yourself.
  • Work on solving the most important and significant problem of our generation, giving you the satisfaction of knowing you changed the world.

Compensation Range: $130K - $160K

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No more will students be forced into debt just to be able to have access to a decent career that doesn't even utilize their education. Weโ€™re the modern way people start careers. We help everyone ranging from 18-year-olds using our program as a college alternative to people switching their careers later in life.

Within 10 years, we're going to bankrupt nearly every college in the US, saving millions from debt. More importantly, we're unlocking all of human potential in our economy.

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