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Our client is a blockchain company that simplifies data verification and web3 integration for traditional businesses. They build user-friendly products where blockchain is abstracted away from the user, aid in creating blockchain-based loyalty programs, and offer a comprehensive platform for project launch, including a wallet and marketplace. They specialise in secure and private on-chain data storage.

Job Description

As a backend cryptography engineer, your main responsibility will be to implement our clients wallet backend API to perform different cryptographic operations like digital signatures and encryption. A key aspect of your role will be to develop and integrate a Multi-Party Computation (MPC) scheme to facilitate secure digital signature creation and data encryption processes between our backend and mobile applications.


  • Develop and extend the API to support advanced cryptographic operations. 
  • Enhance the security measures for data flow and key management systems.
  •  Scale the backend infrastructure to efficiently serve millions of users. 
  • Implement and integrate a robust MPC scheme for secure digital signatures and encryption between the backend and mobile applications.
  •  Manage and deploy backend solutions on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 


  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in backend development. 
  • Strong proficiency in TypeScript and Node.js. 
  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of cryptographic algorithms, including both symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and digital signatures. 
  • Proven experience working with various cryptographic libraries. 
  • Prior experience with the Ethereum Virtual Machine is desirable. 
  • Experience with deploying infrastructure on GCP or other major public cloud platforms is preferred 

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