Senior DevOps Engineer - Metaverse

over 1 years ago

Job Description

The ways that we develop, test, iterate and deliver our Metaverse experiences at Improbable are critical to our success. We need to create or adapt solutions that are flexible enough to accommodate a large variety of games, game-like content, technologies, teams and approaches. The solutions we apply must also reduce duplicated effort through sharing and re-use. Itโ€™s a fine line to walk, and requires experience, pragmatism and empathy. Our ultimate goal is to industrialize our game development tools and processes, allowing us to experiment and deliver at massive scale.

As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for learning, building, teaching and researching the foundations of our internal studiosโ€™ development toolkits. You will deliver build systems, in-engine tooling, infrastructure components, automated testing solutions, development processes and alerting and reporting. Our central DevOps function is a resource for our internal studios, providing them the means to request and compose what they need to successfully develop their games.

Your Opportunity:

  • Have heavy involvement in the creation of development processes, CI pipelines, and workflows, focused on game engines and their components
  • Architect infrastructure to support a growing customer base and adapt to changing customer requirements
  • Create a platform for fast game development for many teams
  • Give constructive critique on the quality of the build systems and pipelines used within the project, using data-driven metrics as the guiding source of truth
  • Display a high degree of discipline in following the software engineering processes as well as passing this discipline to serviced customers
  • Own automated processes, through requirements gathering, design and implementation
  • Own a discrete area of the build system and execute it with a high degree of quality, e.g.: CI features, automated testing, build tools
  • Mentor other junior engineers

Why You're Made for This:

  • An expert in a DevOps Engineer skill set (e.g: source control, CI, bug tracking, automated testing, build engineering, Jira etc) with successful projects that show an end-to-end understanding of the process
  • Ability to integrate directly into customer teams to optimize their delivery models and set them up for future success
  • Prototype and rapid iteration mentality, using pragmatic delivery methods to have fast impact and quickly identify the best solution for a problem
  • Ability to mentor and create tutorials, guides, or other important documentation for more junior staff members
  • Skilled in one or more common scripting languages (Python, Bash, Powershell, etc)
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 (preferable) or experience with, or an understanding of Perforce, preferable
  • Experience with any popular cloud hosting provider (AWS, GCP, Azure), preferable

About Improbable


At Improbable, we believe that the next revolution in entertainment and society will come from massive virtual worlds. They will create new economies and opportunities globally, changing not just how we play, but how we work and relate to each other. Thatโ€™s why weโ€™ve made it our mission to build the next generation of technologies for online multi-user games and simulations. As part of that, we are launching a series of ground breaking titles to players around the world.

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