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Parallax, Kiln and Pianity hiring creative talent this week ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 5 Nov, 2022 • 4 minutes read ✨ •

Hi everyone,

How was your week? 😎

Have you heard about Farcaster, the latest web3 social network? Well, grab your morning coffee and read the interview published by Peter Yang with the founder, Dan Romero! It’s truly interesting to learn how the social network is not 100% on-chain and is built with the user in mind.

“Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network. Only a user’s identity is on-chain. We did this to build the best of web2 and web3. We want Farcaster to have the usability and speed of a web2 app with the strong ownership guarantees and permissionless innovation of a web3 protocol."

Okay, let’s dive in with this week’s top jobs!

Weekly Jobs

Featured Jobs 🌟

  • Founding Product Designer at Parallax - We're looking for a kind and ambitious designer to craft the best user experiences for Parallax's product, make key decisions in design and hiring and help shape our culture, as a founding team member.

  • Head of Sales & Marketing at Pianity - Pianity is looking for a Head of Sales & Marketing with extensive experience to manage artists acquisition and the marketing department.

Latest Jobs

  • Head of Community & Social Media at Cometh - The Head of Community/Social Media is responsible for the overall success of Cometh community strategies and social media communications to boost brand image, increase customer engagement and improve conversions.

  • Head of Project Development at Flowcarbon - You will work closely with the carbon team to assess the strength of crediting calculation methods (within existing and emerging standards). You bring with you a strong work ethic, a willingness to hustle, and a deep network of project stakeholder relationships in the VCM and compliance markets.

  • Product Designer at Sound - Sound is hiring a Product Designer to help shape the future of a new music economy that values artists and their music while connecting fans more closely to the music they love.

  • Head of Industry Marketing at Polygon - We are looking for an Industry Marketing Lead to join our marketing team who will oversee our strategic presence within the industry in support of our global product, sales and marketing goals.

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That’s a wrap for today!

Have an excellent weekend and see you again next week!

Mathilde, founder at Woody3

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