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22 remote creatives jobs at Tidal, T2 and Maven ✨

@mathildeferroli founder at Woody • 25 Feb, 2023 • 14 minutes read ✨ •

Hi everyone!

I hope your week is ending on a high note 🥂, almost time to relax!

I went down a rabbit hole this week, and it was about navigating work as (creative) generalists.

The world is going so fast, technologies challenging the status quo, and our economy acting out - we need more than ever adaptive skills, a tolerance for uncertainty, an anti fragile mindset of sort.

Seth Godin once wrote, “If your job isn’t creative/interactive or local, it’s probably going to go away. The winners are going to be the bosses (quick, become a boss!) and the fast-changing creative types. Now, before it’s too late, realize one basic truth: Safe is Risky.”

Creative generalists are doing just that. They yearn for freedom, adapt, pivot, accumulate broad experience and can draw from different stores of knowledge.

We, as individuals, need to practice these skills, but companies absolutely need to as well. If you’re a creative generalist, you can find the perfect job examples for your skills in my article, the 9 perfect creative jobs for generalists.

Let me know what you think!

“The team that made the original Macintosh were a great example of this phenomenon. They were rockets let loose by Steve Jobs.” Paul Graham

New creative companies hiring: Voodoo, Substack, SonarWorks, T2, and Maven.

New Jobs per Category: 8 jobs in Product & Design, 4 jobs in Business & Support, 4 jobs in Software Development & QA, 2 jobs in Marketing & Growth, 2 jobs in Community & Social and 2 jobs in Game Design & Dev.

New Jobs per Industry: 4 jobs in Web3 & Metaverse, 3 jobs in Social Networks & Communities, 2 jobs in Creator Platforms & Learning, 2 jobs in Graphic & Design Tools, 2 jobs in Blogging & Newsletters, 2 jobs in Productivity Apps & Softwares, 2 jobs in No-Code & Low-Code, 1 job in Games & Engines, 1 job in AI & VR and 1 job in Podcasting & Music.

Weekly Jobs (22 new)

Featured ⭐️

  • Product Designer, Artist Platform at Tidal - Location: Europe - We are looking for a senior-level Product Designer at TIDAL for our Artist Platform team. As part of this role, you will develop artist-facing experiences that help artists connect with their fans and manage their businesses.

  • Community Education Manager at Softr - Location: Europe - As the Community Education Manager, you will become the face of all things Softr education, working closely with our product and growth teams to create educational content that fosters awareness, product adoption, and engagement.


  • Senior Technical Recruiter, Web3 at Reddit - Location: United States - We’re looking for a Senior Technical Recruiter to support Reddit’s Technical recruiting efforts with a focus on Web3 technologies. You will work with leadership within these orgs to build an inclusive end to end hiring strategy that identifies, evaluates and wins top talent.

  • SEO Manager at Make - Location: Prague - We are looking for an SEO Manager to play a key strategic and executional role in growing Make. The SEO Manager will be responsible for planning, implementing, and managing our SEO strategy which incorporates on-page SEO, content production, technical SEO, and link building

  • Technical Recruiter at BeReal - Location: France, United Kingdom - You will build and maintain a pipeline of hard-to-find technical talent, so we are always ready with great talent as we grow.

  • Staff Product Designer at Jasper - Location: United States - We're looking for a Staff Product Designer on the Content team that will be in charge of making it easier to understand and start using the creative power behind Jasper, and faster to create high-quality content.

  • Senior DevOps Engineer - Metaverse at Improbable - Location: Europe, Poland - As a Senior DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for learning, building, teaching and researching the foundations of our internal studios’ development toolkits.

  • Product Designer at T2 - Location: San Francisco - We’re hiring our first product designer: someone who is versatile and passionate about building a responsible social media platform. As part of a small team, you will collaborate with the co-founders and help drive what T2 looks and feels like.

  • Social Media Coordinator at Horizon Blockchain Games - Location: Canada - We are looking for an awesome Social Media Coordinator to help expand our reach, drive audience engagement and amplify our global impact for Horizon’s flagship game, Skyweaver, and from time to time, Horizon’s other brand, Sequence.

  • Design Lead at SonarWorks - Location: Europe - We are looking for a highly talented and experienced Design Lead to join our team and help us succeed with shaping Sonarworks SoundID products with a passion for designing cutting-edge digital products.

  • Community Growth at Maven - Location: United States - In this role, you’ll develop the system to nurture our top instructors - improve their earnings, inspire their evangelism, and drive retention and cohort frequency.

  • Senior UX Designer at Make - Location: Prague - We believe that design has a big impact on business and currently, we are looking for a Senior UX Designer to join our team and take our experiences to the next level.

  • Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Mural - Location: United States - Mural is seeking a dedicated, upbeat Talent Leader who is eager for an opportunity to continue crafting the organization's culture. The Director of Global Talent Acquisition will own all aspects of the global talent function to support the overall business goals and strategic direction.

  • Software Engineer II - Tools at Twitch - Location: United States, Canada - We're kicking off lots of new projects here so you'll design solutions and then implement your vision. You'll work directly with your customers as part of the IVS video tools team, and will collaborate closely with other teams to iterate on what you build.

  • Customer Support Agent at Polywork - Location: United States - We're looking for a part-time entry-level support professional to assist our full-time employees when needed during business hours and to perform support tasks regularly during weekends. This role will report directly to our Head of Customer Support.

  • Performance Marketing Manager at Notion - Location: San Francisco, New York - Imagine a product that's reached millions of users through word of mouth. That same product has been adopted by tens of thousands of teams, with limitless growth potential ahead.

  • Staff Product Engineer - iOS / macOS at Craft - Location: Europe - We are looking to expand our talented engineering team with an iOS / macOS Product Engineer at staff level or higher.

  • Unity Developer - Blockchain at Voodoo - Location: France - As a Unity Developer in the Blockchain team, you’ll be empowered to take ownership of our in-house Mobile SDK that provides a unified blockchain experience in our mobile games available on iOS and Android.

  • Product Manager - FigJam at Figma - Location: United States - This PM will lead FigJam’s Meeting Experience team, which is dedicated to improving how teams run brainstorms, retros, and all other team rituals.

  • Product Manager - Gaming Tech at Voodoo - Location: Paris - As a Gaming Tech Product Manager, you will be responsible for bringing our gaming tools and infrastructure to the next level, in close collaboration with tech teams and gaming studios.

  • Growth Engineer at Substack - Location: United States - As a member of Substack’s Revenue Growth team, you will be responsible for building features that help writers make more money on Substack – making improvements to discovery, strengthening Substack’s network of readers and writers, internationalizing language and payments on Substack, and running A/B tests on key user flows.

  • Product Designer at Substack - Location: United States - Substack is growing both in usage and in scope, and as we develop our publication tools, reading interfaces, community spaces, moderation systems, and much, much more, we're looking for adventurous designers who want to explore a model-level alternative to the content networks of our time. If you're interested and meet the requirements, let us know!

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Mathilde, founder at Woody

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