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Chief of Staff (NEAR Digital Commons)

over 1 years ago

Job Description

The NEAR Digital Commons (NDC) is hiring a Chief of Staff

You will

  • Drive implementation of the CEOโ€™s key decisions across the organization, ensuring full alignment and accountability.
  • Spin up new initiatives as the "tip of the spear" to turn ideas into structured operations that you can then scale yourself out of.ย These might range from finding a team to build a component to standing up a VC or an incubator.
  • Support and implement large strategic program for the co-founder
  • Consolidate strategic insights, support making of decks (eg. for investors and board members)ย 
  • Be the human router for all the little things -- whenever something requires follow-up, we'll need your help to make sure it happens but we'll also need your help to figure out the best way to implement brand-new ideas.
  • Come up with other creative ways to make the organization more effective, whether by creating new programs, streamlining operations, hiring, managing more effectively or kick-starting and owning a completely new initiative.

You have

  • Experience operating at the exec level of a growth organization/ owning a high-impact team
  • 5+ years of demonstrated excellence in building and leading technology companies or consulting
  • Outstanding business judgment, analytical, and decision-making skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and flexibly to ensure effective and professional delivery of operational business services
  • Epic-level of communication skills, particularly in English. The aperture of communication between you and the CEO will be one of the most important factors in your success.
  • Demonstrated passion for the blockchain/crypto space
  • Proven capabilities to operate in a startup environment or a client service environment

We value

  • ECOSYSTEM-FIRST:ย always put the health and success of the ecosystem above any individual's interest
  • OPENNESS:ย operate transparently and consistently share knowledge to build open communities
  • PRAGMATISM OVER PERFECTION:ย find the right solution not the ideal solution and beat dogmatism by openly considering all ideas
  • MAKE IT FEEL SIMPLE:ย strive to make the complex feel simple so the technology is accessible to all
  • GROW CONSTANTLY:ย learn, improve and fail productively so the project and community are always becoming more effective

About Near Foundation


About the NEAR Digital Commons The NEAR Digital Commons (NDC) is an Ecosystem Treasury DAO established by the NEAR Community to foster the growth of the NEAR Protocol and Ecosystem. The NEAR Protocol is a blockchain protocol that promotes the Open Web and empowers its users to control their data, assets, and governance. NDC includes a NEAR Constitution, a Governance Proposal Process, a Technical Governance Development Plan, a Legal Framework, and Community Engagement Guidelines. NDC is expected to be exceptionally well funded. Engaging for NDC will allow acting at the forefront of blockchain pioneering work

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