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Senior Technical Product Manager

Horizon Blockchain Games

5 month ago

About Horizon Blockchain Games

At Horizon, weโ€™re building a New Dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.

We have three amazing products to make this real: ย 

  • Sequence, the all-in-one developer platform + smart wallet that makes building web3 games and applications easy.
  • Skyweaver, a digital trading card gameโ€”powered by Sequenceโ€”where players can win, own, trade and sell their NFT/SFT game items.
  • Niftyswap, the decentralized marketplaceโ€”powered by Sequenceโ€”that makes trading semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) instant and secure. ย  Sequence is poised to drive web3 adoption on a massive scale by making blockchain easy, fun and powerful for users and developers. Skyweaver is a groundbreaking video game with an unprecedented player-owned economy, novel gameplay, and an already fervent community. And, Niftyswap is poised to become the premiere marketplace for trading SFTs, web3 game and metaverse items. ย  While the challenge is hard, we find it incredibly fun. And, we have the ingredients to make it happen: a well-capitalized company with some of the best investors in the world, including Coinbase, Initialized, BITKRAFT, DCG, and more; an amazing team of leaders in the web3 space; engineers who have built widely popular open source; a former top McKinsey strategy consultant; gaming industry veterans; and founders who have built and sold successful companies. You'll get to work with and learn from them all. Learn more atย https://horizon.io/

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Technical Product Manager to lead our Sequence Stack, a suite of web3 tools designed to make it easy for developers to integrate Web3 functionality into their applications and deliver exceptional user experiences.

As a Senior Technical Product Manager, you will be responsible for defining and executing the roadmap for our Sequence web3 stack, which includes SaaS products such as indexer, relayer, node gateway, minting APIs, and more.

You will work closely with our engineering, design, and customer success teams to ensure our products meet the needs of our customers and drive growth in adoption.


  • Develop and execute the product roadmap for the Sequence web3 stack, prioritizing features and improvements based on customer feedback, market trends, and company goals
  • Collaborate with engineering, design, and integration teams to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products
  • Conduct market research and customer interviews to identify opportunities for growth and improvement in our product offerings
  • Define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the Sequence web3 stack
  • Create and maintain product documentation and guides to assist developers in integrating Sequence web3 tools into their applications
  • Keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the Web3 ecosystem, using this knowledge to inform product strategy and ensure our offerings remain competitive
  • Regularly communicate product updates, progress, and roadmap to internal stakeholders and customers

What You Bring

  • 5+ years of technical product management experience, preferably in the SaaS, blockchain, or Web3 space
  • Strong understanding of Web3 technologies and the blockchain ecosystem
  • Experience working with developer-focused products and tools
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, with the ability to effectively convey complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Proven track record of managing and delivering successful products
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to prioritize and make data-driven decisions
  • Collaborative and open-minded, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams
  • Passion for blockchain, Web3, and the potential for decentralized applications to transform industries
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