Lead Product Manager, Editor

3 month ago

About Bubble

Bubble’s mission is to enable anybody to create software, even if they don’t know how to code. We feel that with how vital technology is, its creation can’t be restricted to a small number of people with CS degrees or coding backgrounds. Today, we have an industry-leading no-code tool that helps users build VC-backed startups, personal projects, internal company tools and more.

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced PM to join and lead our Editor team and deliver significant impact to our users and objectives. The Editor is Bubble’s core product and is where users actually build their apps - from designing the UI on a WYSIWYG canvas to writing business logic and user flows, to defining the database structures. It is thus the very heart and core of the entire Bubble experience. You can think of the Bubble Editor as a combined IDE and programming language in the traditional web development sense. Using this analogy, you will lead the overall product scope for the Editor, while also personally PM-ing one of the pods in this scope owning the visual programming language.

Bubble’s visual programming language is a key differentiator from other no-code tools in the market. This is how users express the underlying logic in their applications without needing to use code. Bubble’s visual programming language is a mixture of a few native features - workflows, dynamic expressions, and conditional logic - as well as core design tooling.

The IDE scope is also vital because the IDE is the way users access and build with the visual programming language. Currently, a Senior PM runs the pod with the IDE scope. Your role will be to set the overall Editor strategy and execute it, working closely with this Senior PM.

Because anything is possible with code, the big (and fun!) existential questions you’ll be wrestling with include:

  • How do you create a visual programming language that is every bit as expressive as code yet way easier to understand and use for technical & non-technical users alike?
  • How do you empower users to design beautiful, responsive UIs with no prior design experience - or, satisfy the customization requirements of a professional designer?
  • How do you create a tool that best enables users to access these different parts of the visual programming language, in a way that balances the uniqueness of Bubble with software development best practices and with an eye towards a modern and enabling UX?

This role will be a very senior IC role to start and be part of both P+E leadership and Product org leadership. Once this person settles in, there's an opportunity to move into a people management role.

About you

We are looking for someone with extensive PM experience with prior work on the core product scope of a complex, ideally creation tool, product. Given the visual programming language scope, we are looking for someone with a technical background (engineering/code, Bubble expertise, etc.) who can “speak the language” of both software engineers and web designers. This person should also identify strongly with Bubble’s mission and think of themselves as a builder type who is hands-on by nature.


  • 6+ years experience as a product manager; experience crafting and leading product strategy
  • Experience delivering user and business impact with a complex product such as a programming language or an editor/creator tool (bonus if in the no-code space!)
  • Have owned successful, impactful product releases in the past, from large to small, in coordination with Product Marketing
  • Possess a technical background; Bubble’s core functionality is complex and requires understanding established programming and web development principles
  • Have worked in a pod / squad structure with Engineering and Product Design at a startup of our scale or slightly bigger
  • Have mentored and coached junior PMs, if not also formal management experience

Preferred Skills/Experience

  • Comfortable with the challenge of prioritizing across a large product surface area to maximize ROI
  • Clear communicator, good at building relationships and influence across the org
  • Adept at collaborating closely with design and engineering, as well as cross-functionally, to get things done
  • Metrics-driven and good at setting clear success metrics to drive impact 0
  • Experience with foundational research in coordination with User Research and Product Data teams and knows how to ask the right questions to get good quantitative and qualitative data
  • Proficient in Bubble already, or excited about becoming an expert-level Bubble developer
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