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Job Description

Bubble enables thousands of businesses around the world to build software solutions without code. Our users use Bubble to build VC-backed startups, personal projects, and internal company tools. We are often a critical part of our customersโ€™ operations and are very proud to help businesses achieve success through more accessible software. With more people turning to entrepreneurship and digital products, Bubbleโ€™s solution is increasingly critical.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in the New York tech ecosystem: after a few years of bootstrapping and product development, weโ€™re now aggressively scaling our overall Product team. This is an exciting opportunity to help build an industry-defining product while being incredibly user-centric. In fact, user-centricity is one of our core values, and this person will help keep us grounded in what our users actually feel, say and do.

Weโ€™re looking for a Senior User Researcher to help us continue to evolve our product. This person would join our Product team and work closely with our Research Lead, PMs, Designers, Data professionals, and Engineers to understand our users, plan out ways to solve their pain points, and continuously iterate on our product.

As our Senior User Researcher, you will:

  • Design and execute on user research to address topics ranging from the nebulous and broad (e.g. challenges users face in the process of converting to paid users) to specific and targeted (e.g. usability testing for specific proposals)
  • Responsible for the entire life-cycle of research, from designing the approach to recruiting participants to facilitating the research to analyzing results
  • Define and execute on a research roadmap thatโ€™s aligned with the companyโ€™s priorities
  • Partner closely with PMs, Designers and Engineers at any point in the product development process as everyone works on impactful projects and features
  • Coach/Mentor PMs and Designers who are conducting tactical research projects while you focus on conducting strategic research projects.
  • Be a strong advocate for a user-centered, evidence-based approach to product development while balancing business needs
  • Collaborate with our Data team to combine the qualitative and quantitative perspectives to even more deeply understand our users
  • Help us manage, organize and draw insights from the firehose of qualitative data we have from different sources (e.g. emails with Success, the community Forum, etc.)
  • Help us improve our various tools and processes relating to user research

Weโ€™re looking for someone who:

  • Has 3+ years experience doing Research at another tech company, preferably a startup around our size or slightly larger
  • Prior experience with a SaaS product or productivity tool is a plus
  • Is comfortable with research design utilizing different methodologies, e.g. usability studies, surveys, etc.
  • Has collaborated closely with PM, Design and Engineering in a product development setting
  • Has been responsible for conducting research for more than one product team/product area.
  • Is passionate about understanding users and understanding their psychology; is good at asking โ€œWhy?โ€
  • Can think of how their qualitative findings can be inspired by or influence quantitative findings as well
  • (Optional, but a plus) Having a degree in Computer Science, HCI, Anthropology, Psychology or a related field is a plus

About Bubble

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Bubbleโ€™s mission is to enable anybody to create software, even if they donโ€™t know how to code. We feel that with how vital technology is, its creation canโ€™t be restricted to a small number of people with CS degrees or coding backgrounds. Today, we have an industry-leading no-code tool that helps users build VC-backed startups, personal projects, internal company tools and more.

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