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Job Description

Few words about us

We believe hybrid work needs a different playbook. Weโ€™ve built Claap as we believe hybrid work requires a new way to align and make decisions โ€” beyond back-to-back meetings and endless messaging threads.

Better than emails. Faster than meetings. Claap brings hybrid teams closer together, letting them share quick video recording of their screen, get contextual feedback with annotation & time-stamped comments, and make decisions with threads and polls.

Weโ€™ve been working on the beta for almost a year now and weโ€™re officially public. We have a fast growing list of happy customers like Revolut, Front, Qonto, Kavak or Doctolib but weโ€™re still pretty early in our journey and iterating on the product.

We are building a Product Led Growth company with a strong attention to user experience and product delight.

Why we need a Product Designer

Weโ€™re firm believers in the power of products to improve our lives. We relentlessly craft the most frictionless user experiences to delight our users and solve their problems.

We believe the most exciting companies give us new ways of living, thinking and doing business. Many times they're solving a problem we didnโ€™t know we had or a problem we didnโ€™t pay attention to because we never thought there was another, perhaps better way. These companies donโ€™t only invent something to sell us. They're not making products or services to incrementally improve on what came before. They donโ€™t just sell us better, theย most exciting companies sell us different.

This is what we want to do at Claap. We want to invent a whole new game that will rally hybrid teams around their mission and goals. We want to delight them with a new video collaborative experience at the crossroads between emails and meetings.

This mission is ambitious, and weโ€™re looking for an experienced Product Designer to join us at a critical time of fast-paced growth as we experience increasing demand from our customers for new features & use cases.

The role

This is a central position as the second designer on the team. You will work closely with Robin (CEO & Product) and the engineering team to deliver a delightful user experience (Claap webapp and Claap Chrome extension).

During the last 16 months, we extensively collected user feedback and defined the overall product design. By joining the design team, your first focus is to make sure we bring the product experience and design to the next level, with a strong focus on (i) the visual identity of our products, and (ii) scalable, simple and elegant user experience.

Our standards are the best-in-class B2B and B2C products around there (Revolut, Notion, Instagram, ...) as we want to build a product-led-growth company.

After the public launch one month ago, your role will be to help us test and iterate quickly on the product, while fostering good design practices within Claap.

You will report to the CEO.

The mission

In a nutshell, you will:

  • Define the visual identity of our products and lead their look and feel
  • Be the UI and design system expert, bridging brand and product design
  • Design a beautiful and engaging MVP to wow our users from day 1
  • Design workflows and beautiful solutions to iterate on the product after the initial release
  • Own user research, user flows, site maps, design system improvements, wireframes, UI and prototypes
  • Establish and foster design-led culture and process within Claap
  • Collaborate with the founders and engineers to kickass asynchronous collaboration

Your Background

  • You have a proven track record in UI (web and / or mobile designs)
  • You have experience in designing systems identities, grid and type systems for web, desktop and mobile
  • You master the art of beautiful high-fidelity mockups for your designs and prototypes
  • Prototyping is natural for you: Figma, Sketch, Principle, Framer, Origami, Invision or equivalent have no secret for you
  • You've got a strong eye to detail (typography, layout, color theory and pixel)
  • You're skilled in user research, user experience, interaction design and visual design
  • You're a problem-solver: You have an analytical mind and can navigate through complex UX obstacles in a thoughtful and logical way
  • You're able to clearly articulate and communicate design decisions
  • You enjoy crafting software used by hundreds of thousands of people
  • You're fluent in English
  • You like the idea of working remotely

Our offer

  • Work from anywhere (-/+3 h from CET) on your own schedule
  • Full-time, local compliant contract through OysterHR if based outside of France
  • We compensate competitively, offer generous time off and paid parental leave. We have great benefits, including company off-sites, material for remote work or access to co-working space, and support in helping you find the best place to work.
  • A team of well-connected and experienced founders
  • A safe job โ†’ our current financing supports our team for the next 3 years
  • Join early to be involved in all decisions and help us build the company from the ground up

Does it resonate?

You can send us an email at [email protected].

About Claap

Website Linkedin

We came up with the idea in 2020. The world shifted to remote work.

Back-to-back meetings became the norm. They replaced quick hallway conversations. Zoom fatigue kicked in.

We realized we had to create something to solve this problem. To truly empower people working from anywhere, without having to spend their entire day in unproductive meetings.

Claap is an Asynchronous meeting platform that helps people make faster, better decisions without the need to be in the same room, at the same time.

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