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6 month ago

Job Description

Weโ€™re excited to work with an amazing product designer to craft developer and end-user facing experiences at Privy. 

As the founding product designer at Privy, you'll be working on the UI and UX shaping all user experiences we enable. This includes all Privy digital and real-world assets, tools to help developers navigate privacy tradeoffs, end-user interfaces enabling new users to onboard into web3, and so much more. 

As the founding product designer at Privy, you willโ€ฆ

  • Work at the core of our team to design, research and ship products that help developers and their users manage their data online helping shape core product and strategy for the org.
  • Wrangle complex interactions into simple, intuitive abstractions that empower users on the Web to make informed decisions.
  • Shape the design culture at Privy through writing, interfaces and processes that will shape all of our interfaces.
  • Work across teams as a core stakeholder on the Privy product.
  • Design and optimize reusable UI component library including key user-facing pages.
  • Build the Privy user console, core Privy website, documentation, and all other external faces we put forth.
  • Help bridge Web2 and Web3 interfaces thoughtfully.

You may be a fit for this role if you have... 

  • Experience building product design interfaces including research, prototyping and implementation of user-facing applications.
  • Experience building and maintaining delightful design and visual toolkits, working with component libraries and design systems.
  • A strong desire to work within the context of Web3 infrastructure and online identity.
  • Experience working directly with product and engineering teams as a core part of the product development cycle.
  • Experience taking design ideas through its strategic and product implications.
  • Know your way around Figma and can reason about the implications your designs will have on user behavior.

Bonus points if you have...

  • Published about your work, craft and process.
  • Built high-fidelity renders and run through user flows end-to-end as part of your work.
  • Worked as an early designer at a fast-growing startup.
  • Slipped some comic sans into your work to test your teammates.
  • Also been outraged at

    ">Avatarโ€™s lazy use of old fonts

Design at Privy

Design at Privy is not just about pixel-pushing or generating assets for engineers. Design is about crafting intuitive product experiences. This is about UX, not just UI. The best ideas, most elegant software abstractions, most powerful developer tools can all be ignored if they are not expressed in a way that touches users... Weโ€™ve got a long way to go in Web3.
Product Design is a core discipline at Privy and the main way in which we communicate our values to developers and enable them to make better choices for their users. By making privacy tradeoffs tangible to developers and their users, you can help lay the foundations for a private and sovereign Web.
At Privy, you will be working to craft a new type of developer experience. We believe that usability and delight must never be sacrificed in the name of correctness; we believe that good interfaces and good defaults can change the status quo in technology; and we believe that design is not just a flourish that comes at the end of a release, but rather an integral part of product creation end-to-end.
Come build with us.

How to Apply

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  • Include this role's title in your subject line (it'll help us to sort through the emails).
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done or anything else we should know about you.

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About Privy


At Privy, weโ€™re building the tools that empower developers to build secure, self-custodial web3 products with delightful UX. Our mission is to build a better internet. Weโ€™re looking for amazing people to shape our industry together. Every day, our infrastructure processes many millions of user interactions with blockchain networks. With simple, powerful developer tooling, we enable many of the most exciting products built in web3: from restaurant loyalty to financial investing to creator platforms. Check out our wall of customer love here:

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