Full Stack Engineer

1 year ago

Job Description

You'll be working on Craft's core platform (including both client and backend side platform code), focusing on the APIs under the hood that ensure data operations work flawlessly with high performance and reliability.

You'll be working together with a small, but highly experienced team, meaning you'll be able to have a strong impact on both technical and product decisions - as well as learn from experts in this domain.

We're setting the bar extremely high when it comes to API flexibility, ease of use and performance - meaning we're looking to re-evaluate core architectural decisions and technologies we use in order to reach our desired goals - in other words, nothing is set in stone!

Your responsibilities will include

  • Build APIs in the Core Platform to support new capabilities within Craft

  • Work with backend and client side databases

  • Design and implement algorithms that are highly performant, scalable and resilient against failures and race conditions, and are easy to use by application developers

  • Build up solid knowledge of all of our platforms (Craft Web/Mac/iOS app, Craft Backend) to understand end to end system behaviour and data flow

  • Execute performance profiling on existing systems to understand key bottlenecks and improve on their performance characteristics

What we're looking for

  • You have strong computer science fundamentals, including knowledge of data structures, algorithmic complexity, and designing for performance and scalability

  • You have 2-5 years experience in building APIs or Platforms

  • You have strong analytical thinking, planning, and problem-solving skills

  • You have experience working with databases

  • You have experience with unit / automated testing

  • You have experience in NodeJS / Typescript or Swift, or you are able to learn and get up to speed quickly

Our Culture

We are looking for individuals who love APIs & Platforms - and are willing to go the extra mile to create a platform which is both easy to use, yet powerful.

  • You think outside the box. We are a small team, competing with giants - we won't succeed by just following the playbook. Identifying technological, leadership and cultural aspects which can help us deliver will be critical.

  • You put people first. You understand that we are a team of people, building a product for other people to use. You prioritize professional relationships with the broader team, and desire to be actively engaged in the wider community of Craft users.

  • You're pragmatic. You're an expert in technology and you also understand how certain components can impact the product. You can choose the right tradeoffs according to the maturity of the team, product and business needs.

  • You're a great communicator. Most of your impact will be achieved through communicating with people - both individuals you manage, and leaders from other parts of the business. You'll need to be able to express yourself and thoughts clearly, in a way which others can understand & learn from.

We encourage you to apply even if you don't check every box in the requirements as we're always looking for hire to potential and the right values combined with the right mindset. So, if all the above speaks to you, we should talk! :)

About Craft

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At Craft we are on a mission at re-defining productivity through software. We believe current solutions are outdated, and bloated. We are building products which are fun - and effortless to use. Software which blends in the background, allowing individuals to focus on their tasks at hand - as it should be.

This sounds easier than it is - as to achieve this one has to excel in every area of engineering & product design - from blazing fast performance, polished interactions, low energy usage & real-time, offline first sync - itโ€™s not an easy task to achieve.

Weโ€™re looking for individuals who share this vision - and are willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve this.

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