Roboto Games

Design Director

over 1 years ago

Job Description


  • Plan the design roadmap for our hybrid free-to-play and web3 MMO to be a fun game that retains and monetizes
  • Hire and manage a small team of designers
  • Oversee and participate in the design of the game (this is a player-coach role)
  • Work closely with the leadership team to ensure the game design meets the business goals
  • Communicate and iterate on the design with the whole team and get them on board with the direction
  • Collaborate with the Product Manager to ensure the gameโ€™s economy is robust and non inflationary
  • Ensure the crafting experience has sufficient depth to support a player trading economy for many years to come
  • Write, review, organize and maintain design documentation for easy collaboration with the team
  • Oversee the development of spreadsheets detailing game content, in-game text, and values
  • Collaborate closely with artists and engineers to shepherd the design from concept to prototype to finished product
  • Plan the roadmap for new features and new content for the gameโ€™s live ops
  • Iterate on prototypes by seeking feedback from the team, playtests and the community
  • Ensure in-game content is balanced to ensure players have a fun experience
  • Lead the writing of a white paper to communicate the design to the community
  • Play the game religiously and constantly strive to improve the design
  • Work with the Data Analyst to understand and improve the game design in a data informed manner
  • Keep up with the latest game design across the broader gaming landscape


  • You donโ€™t need to be an expert in web3, but a willingness and an interest in learning is a must
  • 8+ years of video game design experience
  • 2+ years of experience designing MMOs/MMORPGs or RPGs
  • Experience hiring and managing designers
  • Experience shipping games from concept to prototype to launch and live ops
  • Experience designing free to play features for retention and monetization
  • Experience designing a deep and engaging game economy
  • Can design complex systems that are compelling and fun for players
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills to communicate designs both internally and externally to the community
  • A desire to get everyone on the team and in the community bought in and excited about the games we are building
  • Capable of working efficiently to incorporate feedback and data from many different sources into the design
  • Ability to both deliver and receive honest constructive feedback in a professional and open manner
  • Excellent mastery of written and spoken English

Nice to haves

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Design, Game Design or related field
  • Knowledge of Unity game engine
  • Ability to draw and sketch
  • Ability to build advanced spreadsheet functionality such as joins, complex formulas, etc.
  • Ability to program to quickly prototype and iterate on ideas
  • Playing web3 games and participating in the community of web3 projects
  • Deep knowledge of many different games across various platforms, genres and business models

๏ปฟWhy work with Roboto Games?

  • As a member of a small team, your voice will be heard and you will have an immense impact on our games and community
  • Make games that you can play with your friends. Make games you can play on your phone, on your PC, on your momโ€™s Chromebook. You get the idea
  • Work alongside a diverse group of game industry game veterans with 12+ years of experience
  • Work from anywhere as long as you have enough overlapping hours with the Pacific timezone (plus or minus 3 hours for this position)
  • Occasionally travel to Robotoโ€™s HQ in California for work weeks and company offsites (attending remotely will always be supported)
  • Full time role with benefits (4 weeks of paid time off, stock options, health, dental, vision, 401K, charitable donation matching)
  • Whatโ€™s not to like?

About Roboto Games


Weโ€™re Roboto Games, a minty fresh venture-backed games company. Before this we were leading games at PopCap, EA and Space Ape. And this isnโ€™t our first rodeo/game studio. In 2007 we founded ZipZapPlay, a web and Facebook gaming company (we baked lots of cupcakes while making Baking Life), which we sold to PopCap (zombies also eat cupcakes it turns out) before they sold to EA in 2011. Since then weโ€™ve also contributed to several mobile game hits. On average, we have 12 years of experience designing games with over $100m in revenue and over 65m players.

At Roboto, our mission is to make games that are good alone and great together. Our games are real-time multiplayer and cross-platform, so friends can easily play together. Our upcoming title is a bite-size survival/crafting MMO that will also include the option to own web3 digital assets (such as NFTs). We believe in making inclusive hybrid free-to-play and -own games that are fun for years and that will appeal to a broad range of players. Whether itโ€™s on mobile, web, or PC you and your friends can play together anytime and anywhere. As if that wasnโ€™t enough, we aim to make our games fully moddable so that anyone can create their own amazing content, and thatโ€™s where you come in. Weโ€™re looking for a Senior VFX Artist who loves the idea of building a platform to enable both professional and hobbyist creators to design amazing experiences for others. If that sounds like fun, then join us! You should also join us if you like wizards, zombies and unicorns, not necessarily in that order. All that sounds great you say? What do I need to do? Glad you asked!

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