Senior Content Manager

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Job Description

Location : Remote (Europe)

Seniority : Mid - Senior Level

Hours : Full Time

About the role

We are looking for a Content Marketing Leader who will help build our content marketing function with a focus on customer growth.

Content is at the core of our growth efforts as we scale. You will have the ability to organize content at scale across a variety of platforms, by leading a team of content writers, as well as being hands-on, tackling everything, from website landing pages to case studies, blogs, emails and social media when required.

Weโ€™re looking for empathetic, fast learners who will quickly understand our customers and translate that understanding into engaging and inspiring creative stories, showcasing our beautiful Apple award winning product as well as driving customer growth and engagement.

You will have the creativity to imagine and bring to life the stories that speak uniquely to our growing community. The work you do will have an impact on the overall voice of the company, communicating a myriad of different use cases for Craft while uniting us under a single language.

You will report directly to the VP of Marketing and will own the content strategy and its delivery at Craft.

What you'll do

  • Develop and maintain content strategies to meet the companyโ€™s objectives with a strong focus on driving new customer growth at the top of funnel, while producing content to drive bottom of funnel to convert.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Craftโ€™s audiences and product to produce inspiring stories and templates to help bring Craft to life for existing and potential customers, inspiring them to action.
  • Coordinate with the marketing, design and other teams to ensure a consistent and unified message.
  • Create a content plan, editorial calendar and produce assets for all stages of the customer funnel; website, blog, emails, e-books, white-papers, videos, webinars, podcasts, customer use cases as well as a plan for earned media opportunities across social media and PR.
  • Continually optimize and adapt the plan to drive growth.
  • Manage content production and curation across multiple platforms, including web, social media, and mobile.
  • Lead a team of content writers and editors to ensure the production of quality work.
  • Uncover and leverage the right experts and influencers to help Craft become somewhere people come for engaging, valuable and authoritative content.
  • Ensure content is not only optimized for SEO, but we are leveraging SEO for growth opportunities.
  • Automate and continually streamline the content production process by using latest technology.
  • Analyse and report on content performance, website traffic and user engagement metrics against established goals.
  • Stay up-to-date on changes in technology and incorporate them into our plans.
  • Monitor competitive landscape to identify current trends and best practices.
  • Ensure compliance with law (e.g. copyright and data protection).

What we're looking for

  • 7+ years of content marketing experience including leading content writers.
  • 2+ years of B2B or SaaS experience (optional).
  • Excellent writing skills, with the ability to craft a compelling story.
  • Understanding of how to use data, research, interviews, and creativity to create content that inspires action.
  • Proven experience creating a multi-format, full-funnel content marketing strategy.
  • Empathetic, curious, and audience-focused.
  • Excellent communication, project management, and stakeholder management skills.
  • Written English at a native level.

Our culture

Weโ€™re looking for the following key traits for our next team members:

  • Story Telling. We have a diverse community who love and use Craft in many different ways, we need someone that can bring their stories to life through creative story telling, resulting in meaningful connections between Craft and our community.
  • Eye for Detail. Craft is a powerful tool and enables our community to do amazing things, you should be able to map out the journeys to unlock the potential of Craft for our diverse community.
  • Quality Delivery at Speed. Delivery and quality are extremely important parts of the culture at Craft - we build beautiful, high quality products our customers love - you should have diverse skillsets to bring wild ideas to life.
  • Great Communicator. Great written and oral communication skills, can clearly articulate visual concepts and communicate effectively with a wide range of disciplines. You understand the importance of communication, and have the necessary skills to do so.
  • Collaborative. We ship as a team - and great ideas & solutions come from every member of this team. You're honest with both giving and taking feedback - and take pride in delivering the best possible solution versus being emotionally attached to a single idea.
  • Curiosity & Always learning. You're interested in new trends in your domain. You see keeping up-to-date with the latest platform standards and recommendations as a core part of your job.
  • Innovative. Many say it, we mean it. The Craft team were first to build AI into a document writing software, closely followed by adding the best code editor for documentation.

About Craft

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At Craft we are on a mission at re-defining productivity through software. We believe current solutions are outdated, and bloated. We are building products which are fun - and effortless to use. Software which blends in the background, allowing individuals to focus on their tasks at hand - as it should be.

This sounds easier than it is - as to achieve this one has to excel in every area of engineering & product design - from blazing fast performance, polished interactions, low energy usage & real-time, offline first sync - itโ€™s not an easy task to achieve.

Weโ€™re looking for individuals who share this vision - and are willing to go the extra mile in order to achieve this.

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