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Job Description

The Engineering & Data team (E&D) is the central tech hub of Voodoo. The team aims to build the most innovative tech products to strengthen Voodooโ€™s leadership in mobile gaming while successfully accelerating product diversification such as non-gaming apps or blockchain gaming products.

Part of E&Dโ€™s focus is to provide a state of the art growth-engine to distribute and scale our apps & games. By joining the team, you will take part in this journey of designing and building long-term projects which help our business teams in creating content to advertise our games to millions of future players!Our best-in-class E&D team is 84+ people, including software engineers, cloud infrastructure engineers, data teams UI/UX designers, product managers, and QA from 11 nationalities.

Within the E&D team, you will be joining a Data Science cross-functional tech team that leverages massive amounts of data in order to create business value. The team is composed of top-tier data scientists and is looking for a passionate team player.

You will be assigned to one of our Machine Learning driven products. Most of these products are core in Voodooโ€™s strategy and operations, and delivering high quality as well and high modeling performance is critical. To achieve this you will:


  • Take ownership of our products modeling pipelines
  • Leverage both Gradient boosting and Deep Learning modeling skills
  • Contribute to high modeling performance through insightful ideas and initiatives. High modeling performance is critical for most of our products
  • Identify and solve complex problemsIntegrate your models into the product code base
  • Implement and promote good coding practices. In general promote rigorous and good-quality work
  • Build a rich understanding of the company strategy, the mobile gaming industry, its products and their fit with the companyโ€™s daily operations
  • Have efficient communication with your product manager, your teammates and the stakeholders.
  • Be a team player by supporting your teammates and sharing with them your knowledge or new discoveries.


  • We are looking for several team members with different levels of experience (Junior to Senior) to join our team
  • Expertise on tabular data modeling with gradient boosting
  • Experience with Deep Learning will be valuedExperience with coding and MLOps good practices
  • Experience with implementing models within a complex product
  • You want have an impact and make a difference in the companyYou enjoy working in a team, learning new things, sharing knowledge
  • Clear communication with both a tech and business audience
  • Strong achievements on Kaggle will be valued

About Voodoo


Voodoo is a tech company that creates mobile games and apps. With 6 billion downloads and over 150 million monthly active users, Voodoo is the #3 mobile publisher worldwide in terms of downloads after Google and Meta. 

The company is one of the most impressive examples of hypergrowth in the ecosystem, having raised over $1B and backed by Goldman Sachs, Tencent, and GBL. 

Voodoo is now a team of over 750 employees worldwide, weโ€™re looking for talented individuals from across the globe to come and entertain the world with us.

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