UX Research Team Lead

7 month ago

Job Description

We work in cross-functional squads & believe in a product-led growth strategy, where each squad owns a part of the user experience/problem. Our UX research team, however, is working across squads and aims to provide the squads with valuable user and market feedback to excel. With a high focus on end-customer happiness and retention we are looking for a UX lead that can help lead our UX research team to bring the biggest impact for our business and our customers. 

In this role, you will be at the helm of our exceptional UX research team, shaping processes and refining best practices related to user and market research. Collaboration across departments will be key, as you and your team would be responsible for documenting and spreading our insights throughout the entire organisation. Your work will empower company leadership, especially the Product and Strategy teams, by providing them with informed insights to make strategic decisions and continually refine their departmental strategies. #TalentForFuture


Who you are

  • Mentor and Team Builder: With a minimum of 2 years of experience, you excel at mentoring and coaching UX team, nurturing their talents and fostering a collaborative, growth-oriented environment
  • Research Methodologies Expert: You are well-versed in a wide array of UX research and validation methodologies, tools, and techniques. Your deep understanding enables you to navigate complex user problems with precision and creativity and speeds up detecting opportunities that match user's and business needs
  • Effective Communicator: Your strong communication skills allow you to articulate research findings clearly and collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams, ensuring that insights are integrated effectively into the product development process
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: You have a proficiency in data analysis to extract actionable insights from research data. You also have a strong understanding of key performance indicators and metrics relevant to UX research
  • Empathetic Leader: You embody radical candor in your feedback, demonstrating empathy and leading by example. Your approach fosters a positive and supportive team dynamic
  • Hands-On Innovator: A hands-on leader, you are not afraid to dive into the work yourself when necessary, setting a high standard for quality research within a fast-paced environment
  • Creative Problem Solver: Your ability to think creatively and explore innovative solutions allows you to balance the demands of rigorous research within a dynamic, high-speed work environment
  • Strategic Thinking: You have the ability to align UX research with the organization's business goals and objectives. You can also create a strategy for the UX research team that fosters growth and innovation. Your teamโ€™s work would directly facilitate decision-making in several teams, in different phases of product development
  • Stakeholder management: You are skilled in managing relationships with stakeholders, understanding their needs, and effectively communicating how UX research contributes to business success


What you will do

  • Team Leadership: Lead and manage a team of UX researchers, providing mentorship, guidance, and direction. Your role involves fostering their professional growth, ensuring high-quality outcomes for our users and our business
  • Research at Scale (Research Ops): Set up and create processes, tools, and infrastructure to support and streamline the research process with your team. The goal is to optimize the efficiency and impact of the research conducted within their team
  • Collaborative Excellence: Work closely with your team, the Heads of Product and the PM/UXD team to elevate our discovery and validation process. Your aim is to establish high standards in terms of both quality and speed, driving the evolution of our products
  • Strategic Partnership: Report directly to the VP of Product, collaborating closely to craft a user-centric Product Strategy. Your insights will be instrumental in aligning our product development with user needs and expectations
  • Advocate for exceptional user experiences across the organisation, cultivating a customer-centric culture.  You will work with a variety of internal stakeholders, within the Product Department, as well as from other depts like Strategy, Supply, Customer Service Agents. Utilise research insights to identify practical actions, spreading them across these teams and within the whole company. Ensure our visitors not only convert but also become delighted, loyal customers, driving our business towards success

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