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9 month ago

Job Description

What youโ€™d be doing in this role

Defining the foundations, guidelines and framework for all settings pages, taking into account all existing and near future requirements (user data, legal, marketing, product, and organisational needs), establish systems-thinking principles and guidelines to define how settings pages are navigated, structured and shared between groups. Increasing consistency and speed-to-market for other teams shipping features, through self-serve guidance.

Seamless authentication for organisations through relevant authentication flows (Single Sign-On (SSO), account access, roles and permissions etc), allowing users to have both a work and personal account, further improving the SSO experience and ultimately empowering organisations to securely use Canva with their preferred identity providers.

Internal enablement: Enable other teams to help themselves, their stakeholders and, ultimately end customers through collaboration with CHT and User Growth, helping them to support their customers' needs.

Better in-product guidance: Collaborating with the Design Systems team to develop patterns for actionable error messages and user guidance (e.g. 40x pages, empty states, warnings, nudges) for relevant settings pages across all devices.

End-to-end account experience: Creating a delightful experience for end users where no single owner can be identified but can be addressed timely, including, improving error states (UX/UI & Content Design), educating users about profile-related issues through guided empty states and timely messaging, shaping concepts that help progress backend-driven conversations forward to front-end solutions.

You'll be integral to the team's mission: Scale the User Platform to enable us to handle the next 1 billion users

  • Supporting the vision, strategy and roadmap for the future of Canva's Identity and Access Architecture, in collaboration with Product and Engineering.
  • Ensuring the team is effectively supported with design thinking and high-quality design solutions.
  • Working with PMs and Engineers across both Canva's Product and Infrastructure teams to maintain alignment on strategic direction and deliver against their needs.
  • Helping shift the scalability of user settings and access forall levels of users, teams and organisations, balancing the delivery of long-term solutions with the needs of the business today.
  • Expanding self-service capabilities by increasingscalable frameworks and systems thinking of shared settings pagesacross product groups.
  • Improving the user flows and experience of Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Empowering organisations to securely use Canva with their preferred identity providers such as Azure, Google SCIM or Okta.
  • Collaborating between organisation and individual accounts can be achieved securely.
  • Fast-tracking new feature requirements and improve operational scalability that are identified through customer feedback (via partnerships with Customer Support and Sales teams).
  • Measuring and communicating the success of the teams to the wider business, translating what is being built to tangible business outcomes.

Goals that you'll achieve

  • Audit of existing settings pages across the Canva platform, identifying current ownership across product groups, establishing partnerships with key stakeholders to understand existing and new needs, identify common patterns, and initiate the core vision for a unified Settings experience.โ€จ
  • Account switcher: Make it easier to switch between organisations and private accounts.โ€จ
  • Account access: Allow for a second email, backup email, and remove social account logins from connected social accounts via account settings, login flows, backup emails and social accounts.
  • Roles & Permissions: User flows for custom roles and working settings to help organisations manage their users' custom roles easily via account settings, custom roles and permissions.โ€จ
  • Improving SSO: Improve the account linking experience end-to-end.
  • Settings guidelines: Establish systems-thinking principles and guidelines to define how settings pages are structured and shared between groups, while increasing consistency and speed-to-market for other teams shipping features, through self-serve guidance.

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